Crafty Branding / Craftive Brandingunauthorized credit card charges / unethical sales tactics / failure to deliver paid for services / poor customer service

A Aug 14, 2019

Engaged initial company (Crafty Branding) via online search to create company logo. After this, the same firm sought to create website for us. Despite clearly stated conditions (inclusions), was charged for multiple items listed as included in initial package. Also had several fraudulent charges for items that were unjustified / unnecessary / untrue (i.e. logo registration and trademarking). Their scan worked by liaising with multiple different members of staff, making false claims (i.e. 'must be paid for within 48 hours or trademark will be lost / logo cannot be registered etc.). At some point (without notification) company name changes to 'Craftive Branding'. Asked for refund on items overcharged / incorrectly charged / fraudulently charged. Was promised 'would happen asap'. No money ever refunded. Received several e-mails from their 'customer service' division - listed all complaints. No action. No refund.
Final products (logos and website) sup-optimal.
Charges made to credit card without signed / express authority. ? they kept our payer details on file and would bill without authority.
Thousands of dollars of fraudulent charges.

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