Cracker BarrelMy whole disappointing lunch

I typically love Cracker Barrel food by this was a huge disappointment .I was disappointed to find the chicken fried chicken was now a new product --it was thicker than before and had different breading. Definitely not as good as the original -which is no longer made. I feel there should be a choice.
My waitress ( who had zero personality ) brought out the chicken without the sawmill gravy on it. When I asked her, she brought some gravy out in a tiny dish. -- not enough but I didn't bother asking for more.
The baby carrots were barely lukewarm & mushy-they also had white flecks -looking like they were old. The turnip greens had no flavor and were almost cold.
The only thing that was good were the mashed potatoes. However, I had asked to have butter on them --I had to ask again for that as well. She brought out quite hard cornbread muffins with 2 containers of butter on that dish. I had to ask for more butter and jelly. Typically jelly is brought out with the muffins.
I did complain to the manager who seemed apologetic but not enough to comp me or give me a discount -- not that I wanted one. He did not say anything to indicate he would rectify the vegetable issue or anything else.

Oct 11, 2019

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