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We went to cracker barrel in Ocala this evening with my 96 year old father. The four of us ordered turkey cause it was the special of the day. My Dad didnt' tell me what the bill was till we were half way home. They charged us wrong.. $10.99 each. What really killed me beside the very high price mistakenly charged.. my food was cold, the watress had a bad attitude and when I asked after 20 min. if she could bring out the bread she snapped at me. Then my food came out cold, I believe she did that on purpose and I was afraid to ask her to warm it up, in fear she would spit or something on the food. so I went without a meal.. I want you to refund our money.
Carol Karlin


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    Karen Matters Feb 18, 2020

    We went to Cracker Barrel on January 25th with my 85 year old mother, wife and myself in Madisonville Kentucky. I usually don't like to go there as my food is always cold when it arrives, but the women wanted to go as it had been over a year since we visited. I thought I would give it another go at it. That was a bad decision on my part. Here we go in and was seated right away. All good so far. We ordered the Saturday Special Fried chicken, now the time was about 3pm. Ten minutes later the General Manager came out and told us they were out of chicken ( the special of the day @ 3pm) She said we could wait but it would be about 25 minutes. So we ordered and waited. Then they come out and tell us there is no mashed potatoes, so we ordered a baked potatoes. Guess what now they don't have baked potatoes. I asked could we have our biscuits twice at that time, she brought corn muffins and biscuits. None of us wanted corn muffins and never ordered them. Finally after 45 minutes we got are food. I just can't believe they have a special and don't have enough available for their customers. Okay fast forward, I wanted to get a job to supplement my retirement. I had a job interview on Feb. 17th by a new manager and he interviewed me and asked if I could return the next day and meet with the General Manager for another interview, which was fine with myself. I returned today at 1:45pm. I was seated by the General Manager Amanda she told me to sit down here and I will get your information and be right back. I waited over 30 minutes and she never returned. She was the same manager who was working when the food was not available that day. I think instead of looking for more workers you fix the problem at the top, with the General Manager. I have worked over 40 years as a maintenance electrician and never seen such mismanagement with a General Manager.
    Sincerely Charles.

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