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I have a franshise with this company and those wanting to invest need to go to another company Coverall nickel and dimes you out of your money. The company does changes to the accounts to benefit themselves they do not look out for the franshise owner. Please be advised that this company will take your money.


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    1st Amendment Feb 28, 2010

    There is a National Class Action Lawsuit against coverall at this moment. To get more information on it you can go to my attorneys website I'm also a lead plaintif in a National Class Action Lawsuit against jan-pro. We need to get out there and warn people about these cleaning franchisors. We should go to the media and get the word out. Please go to and look for this article that talks about the recent lawsuits against Coverall. The article is Taking off the Gloves by Julie Bennett.

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    kerm1t Mar 10, 2010

    Well if you are part of a class action against both Coverall and Jan-Pro, then doesn't that makes you look like either just a litigious ### trying to sue their way to wealth, or a ### with too much money?

    A normal person would've learned from one to stay away from the others. Should we be looking for a few more complaints from you, maybe Jani-King and CleanNet in the next few months?

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    1st Amendment Mar 15, 2010

    To Kermit, Are you an attorney for one of these cleaning franchisors? I think you are. You are also a liar. I never said I was suing both companies. I'm only suing jan-pro in a National Class Action Lawsuit.

    You called me a ###. I'm not a ###. I'm an American that loves his country and hates to see people get ripped-off by these cleaning franchisors. What these cleaning franchisors are doing is fraud and it needs to stop. These are criminal activities that need to stop and prosecuted with prison time.

    You asked if you should look for more complaints from me over janiking, cleannet, and any other cleaning franchisors. Maybe you should be asking yourself how many more people will come in here and post complaints about these cleaning franchosirs. Maybe I need to come in here and post all the lawsuits that these cleaning franchisors have.

    I have talked to about 100 people who have been riped-off by cleaning franchisors. I have talked to victims of all of these cleaning franchisors. The stories I have heard are heart breacking. This includes veterans, single moms, and families. How can these cleaning franchisors sleep at night. I think it's time people start going to there District Attorney. I think it's time to file criminal charges. I think that the only way that they will stop is by going to prison.

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    doitmyselfcleaner Jul 01, 2010
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    Honestly, I don't understand why people buy into this. There are all kinds of posts on the internet about all of these franchises scamming everyone, but yet they are in the Forbes top 10 growing companies. It takes less money to start your own cleaning service. You just have to do all the leg work. I guess people that buy into these have no ambition and want all the hard part done for them. Cleaning an account is the easy part, it's getting the account that's hard.

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    ShadyEthics Jan 06, 2011

    Avoid this company at all cost. I am a customer of Coverall. After three years of service, I tried to terminate my contract and learned they snuck in fine print language saying I could only terminate the month before the anniversary of our renewal! Is this enforceable? What goes around comes around...I do not recommend ANY involvement with this company.

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    UncleCheese Feb 12, 2011

    Coverall is one big front just to take your money. They will first tell you anything you wanna here just to get you to invest with them, then once you sign there true colors come out. If you have any questions you call the office and nobody knows anything they just pass you around to the next jerkoff who's claiming they cant answer your question. Then they get a accounts that are low priced so you work for nothing. Plus they take 21% out of your income for the month. Then they will talk to your customers and add changes to your account like if it was 2 days a week for 400 a month they'd talk to "your" customer about making it 3 days which let say would make it 500 a month. they will force you to a finders fee on the extra 100 dollars for the month. Which there finders fee is 3 times the amount so you now have to pay Coverall 300. What the hell kinda scheme is that. If you ask me the guys are just being a little to greedy.
    Investing into Coverall was the worst thing I did. It's Honestly a waist of my time and money.
    There Charging me for 10% percent management fee's. These people don't help me manage anything, It's hard enough to get them on the phone at your so called support center's. Yeah there full of [censor] it's like i paid a bunch of [censor]'s for a job.

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    UncleCheese Feb 12, 2011

    I don't understand these jerkoff's it's almost like there a legal shakedown.They love taking your money. Everything is a joke to these people. They might have a very very very few success stories but theres gotta be 90% im sure is not happy or did not make with them. but then again maybe these people making 20, 000 a month with coverall only really get 15, 800. After The 21% percent [censor]. And They Probably should be Earing around 30, 000 if it wasnt for the low balled accounts. See That's One of the big Problems With these Coverall Jerkoff's. They price the contracts to cheap for accounts. Which leaves the franchisee's left with nothing. Your Better Off pumping gas for a living. Sad but True.

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    UncleCheese Feb 12, 2011

    They Tell You Your The Boss.

    Yeah well that's bulshit if you think about. Coverall is almost giving you some low money jobs. I'm with Coverall how come i don't feel like a business owner. These People wanna control the whole show.

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    unhappy about coverall Aug 19, 2011

    and try to come in and out bid other janitorial companys.. they are trying to out bid us at a dealership..we have now been with for 10 years, they used to have the contract they send fly by night people in.. they steal and they dont clean right.. a joke.. money scam.. they dont provide honest support to the companys either.. to put a home town honest janitorial company out of business.. to get theese money scammers in your business place cleaning.. and stealing.. yea u get it cheaper all right.

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    1st Amendment Sep 02, 2011

    Coverall LOST ! Franchisor HIT HARD !

    Cleaners WIN !

    Awuah WINS !

    BOSTON – Today the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court smacked Coverall janitorial franchise system with a huge bill for labeling its employees as franchisees.

    The high court ruled that the franchisor must pay back franchise related fees, including franchise fees, promissory note payments, additional business fees, and payments for insurance.

    Experts think the ruling that franchisees can be disguised employees will ripple down to other franchise systems and other states.

    Coverall argued that the franchisee should only be allowed to collect fees directly related to the misclassification. Because the additional fees Pius Awuah sought were the result of his contract agreement with the franchisor, Coverall asserted that they should not apply to the damages he sought.

    Coverall SJC Decision
    U.S. District Court Judge William G. Young ruled (pdf) that the misclassified employees could collect wages, insurance premiums and other employment benefits, but the attorneys for the franchisees weren't satisfied. Shannon Liss-Riordan of Lichten & Liss-Riordon stated that her clients should also be paid all fees. She said, "By requiring companies to fully reimburse employees for all the fees they incurred as a result of misclassification, the court will send a message to employers that wage law violations will not be tolerated."

    The judge then certified the Awuah v Coverall case to Massachusetts highest court after determining that state wage laws require employers to cover certain statutory costs of doing business, and that shifting such expenses to a misclassified worker constitutes damages incurred. Because the Supreme Judicial Court had no controlling precedence, Judge Young submitted pertinent questions to give the court the opportunity to set a precedent in defining the damages that should be available to the employees misclassified as independent contractors.

    On one pertinent question addressing whether Coverall could deduct franchise fees from the employees' wages, the state's Supreme Court concluded, "No. . . the Wage Act forbids the deduction."

    Prior to the decision the case had brought criticism from the franchisor community. Coverall attorney Michael D. Vhay of Boston's DLA Piper stated that broadening the damages beyond wages and benefits would produce a flood of litigation and drive franchisors from the state because they would be unable to collect fees from franchisees.

    Steve Calderia, CEO of the International Franchise Association said, "On behalf of the franchise industry, we urge the court to fully take into account the unique attributes of franchising and the federal regulatory oversight of the franchise business model."

    Following the court's decision, Liss-Riordan said, "Today's ruling from the SJC is a long-awaited victory for potentially thousands of cleaning workers throughout Massachusetts. The court determined that Massachusetts wage laws and public policy prohibit employers from selling jobs to employees." Liss-Riordan added that the commercial cleaning industry has been plagued by companies such as Coverall that claim to be franchisors but are really employers who make their money by profiting off of their own workers. She said, "This ruling will allow commercial cleaning to be performed in Massachusetts by legitimate employers who do not charge their workers for their jobs. The ruling will have huge ramifications on the commercial cleaning industry, as well as potentially other industries, and the ruling will likely have ripple effects in other states."

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    CMDEBARGE Oct 09, 2012

    I've been a Franchise owner with CoverAll now for 6 years, I've also been in retail as a store manager, district trainer, and district manager for 14 years. although I do agree that they as a company nickel and dime you (9.99 for direct deposit is really a joke), I don't understand why you would think it would be any different. The company takes care of the billing, pays you the first of every month no matter if the costumer pays on time or not, and provides customer service on your behalf. If you had to do these thing your self you would be in for a surprise. NO Customer pays on time, I have accounts that I have on my own and I have never been paid within 30 days of my Invoice. If someone finds me business the pays me $45, 000 a year and I walk away with $36, 500 and I don't have to do any collections, costumer calls, my Insurance is paid and all I have to do is a good job, I think its a win. the fees are called the cost of doing business. If you owned a Franchise making $300, 000 a year, you can best believe that you would be paying about $75, 000 in royalties. Yes you don't really need Coverall or any other cleaning franchise for that matter, you can go out, beat the pavement, do cold calls and find your own business. lets see how successful your going to be at that. Also if Coverall calls your costumer gets the costumer to add a extra day for an added price and they bill you three times the cost, guess what, that's your fault. your their 1 to 4 days a week and you don't have the salesmanship to talk to that costumer and get that day added your self than you should pay for your mistake. i have gotten my customers to add days, change days that fit my schedule, and add strip and wax or carpet cleaning at no additional charge from coverall. As a franchise owner its your job to grow your business and if you can't don't get mad that Coverall doesn't wait for you to offer more services to YOUR customer. Scam no a lot of little fees that add up yes. welcome to the business world. Its not for everybody.

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    TheLittleHonestGuy Mar 21, 2013

    My largest account moved into a building where Coverall has an office. I was given this new office (as I should have been as I provide exemplary service now for 6 years to all the rest) and all of a sudden it's no longer mine. Then, I spot a card on the desk of one of the properties I clean from one of their salesman. I figure "no worries, I do a great job, no complaints and go above and beyond for all these years." Two months later, I get notice that I'm terminated. These people came in, low ball bid me right out of years of hard work and investment. Greed on both sides caused me to lose what I worked hard for all these years. Good luck to the slave labor that is crazy enough to work under this scheming theiving company. You will find out just how hard it is to maintain all these offices and come out with pennies on the dollar. This company runs good, honest hard working husband and wife teams like us out of business and in the end, get cancelled anyway because they underbid to get the business then get bad service. These beautiful offices will look like ### in no time, and it's sad. Very, very sad.

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    seriously ticked off Apr 18, 2013

    Coverall is a complete rip off!!! We have been franchise owners for 5 years and have been screwed over by Coverall. We bought into the franchise of Coverall because we wanted to start our own business but knew it would be hard to break into the commercial cleaning sector on our own so we paid for a name, Coverall. This year we were told we had to become incorporated and could not use Coverall as a business name anymore. Really then why did we pay all that money for the name? We have been told by our master franchise owner from our regional office that Coverall owns all rights to our accounts, yes we BUY the accounts and pay money for them and they are called ours but in reality they are still corporate Coverall accounts and they have ownership of them. Ok then why did I just pay you for them and how can you contradict yourself in the same sentence. It is infuriating!!! In my opinion Coverall is a pyramid scheme. The Master Franchise owner of the Regional office makes all the money to sit on his butt and we are offered to pay for crap accounts that are low balled on the bids because we have to work them, they wouldn't low ball them if they were the ones doing the work. Bottom line you are not the owner of your business with these people. Yes on paper and for tax purposes you own the business but that is just it, for tax purposes you absorb all the ridiculous tax fees for franchises and self employment and they sit back and make all the money. The only reason they have you setup as a franchise or "business owner" is so they don't have to pay the horrific taxes and can make all the money. Legal or not this is not the way to conduct business and is unethical. If this is how large corporations make money, by stealing from people then I am glad I am not part of a large corporation!

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