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October 4, 2019

Today, after purchasing a few items at the Chandler store, the exit checking person, Robert, detained me for a mistake the cashier made while checking my wife and I out. Apparently, the cashier failed to charge us for some muffins we purchased. Robert spotted the mistake, after triple checking my items. The problem I have with this is, Robert is a white man and I am a black man. He scrutinized my five item purchase and told me to stand to the side, while three different white members with completely full carts he just swiped a green line on their receipts, without looking at so much as one item. Three members in a row. Even before he stopped me I should have known he had a problem with minorities. A Spanish lady in front of me had four items in her arms and he scrutinized her 4 purchases just like he did to me. Does Costco not have diversity training for their people? Perhaps, because I was wearing basketball shorts and a t-shirt he thought I stole from Costco. My membership is the executive level, I should not be made to feel like a thief because of a racist employee. I go to another Costco closer to my home and have never had this issue. Of course, Robert may have treated me nicer if I was in my Postal Uniform rather than just relaxing clothing. I spoke to a person that was not the manager, but "fills in" for the supervisor and I was placated as if it wasn't an issue. My wife even had a problem with the way Robert treated us and she is white too. I will not visit this store again, unless they send Robert to a diversity training or remove him from the job completely. He is an older man so he may not be able to be trained to respect all the members of Costco that pay his wages.


  • SubSquirrel Oct 05, 2019

    He saw a mistake and stopped you. He was doing his job. The other customers were not pointed out as having an error made by a cashier.

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