Costco Wholesale Corporationcashier #17 / name: joseph k

De Sep 30, 2019

I am a member of Costco and never had a problem before until today, Monday, September 30, 2019. I had the rudest with attitude cashier. I waited patiently until it was my turn. Joseph K, the cashier on my receipt, was speaking to the woman in front of me. Not a problem with me. When it came to my turn, never a hello, never a smile, nothing. He just went to the cash register and took my money. Nothing else. No thank you, no nothing. I work very hard for my money and I am now angry I spent my money on a membership with people that are unpleasant. Costco should start hiring customer-oriented people. Joseph K was very selective who he would be nice to and those he just completely ignored. Shame on Costco! By the way I work in a business that if very customer oriented and we would never have someone like Joseph K working at the company.

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