Costco Wholesale Corporationdisrespectful cashier

T Oct 03, 2019 Review updated:

I've been a member since the mid 90's when Costco was Price Club. I have never filed a complaint before now. Yesterday I was checked out by a cashier who was very condescending. I've never seen him before so he must be new because I shop there almost everyday. First he looked at my card and called me by my abbreviated first name. I didn't like that at all since I only allow people I know to call me by that name. He should address customers as Mr. or Ms. or not address them at all. Then he proceeds to instruct me on using my card on the card machine as if I was clueless. I wouldn't mind if he sounded like he was trying to be helpful but he was talking down to me as if I was dense. I might be in my 50's but I am not lame or anything. He even told me when to put my card away! What is with this guy? Then he says "There you go!" and hands me my receipt. No thank you or have a nice day. What a jerk. The name on the receipt is Johnathan W.


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