Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program / Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group"free implants" = false advertising

A May 02, 2018

TODAY I saw an ad on Facebook advertising announcing FREE IMPLANTS through Cosmetic Dentistry Grants. I called their Customer Service at [protected] and told them that I had already gone to the free consultation at Smile Select Dental (Los Alamitos, CA). The front office personnel was very professional, found out the whole procedure for ONE implant would cost approximately $5, 327, minus the "grant" in the amount of $1, 600, which is ONLY about 30% of the whole amount. They offered me payment plans to cover the 70% balance (4, 100). I explained that, according to my telephone conversation with the Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program contact person (cannot recall the name), I expected a grant closer to 75-85% of the cost of the implant (of course they denied anyone stating these percentages.) Since I am in no position to add-on to my already burdensome debt, I declined the grant in question. This was a total waste of energy, time and gas, not to mention the total disappointment and aggravation. On top of all this, the person I spoke to was very rude and confrontational, said I could take the grant or decline it. I asked how the 30% was determined and she said, very rudely, that no implants would ever be free, that this would be explained and the amount of the grant was based on how much funding was available, and that basically I could use it or decline it so others can use it. Talk about Bait-and-Switch and False Advertisement!

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