Corel Corporationcorel video suite

M Dec 13, 2019

When finished with video project on Videosuite, next step is to burn DVD. Once DVD window pops up, entire program freezes/locks up. Reported 12-3-19, ticket 5719988. Spent hours with Vijay, uninstalled and reinstalled program, cleared temp files. Not fixed. 12-4-19 sent system reports as requested in order to get problem resolved. Since then, I have called and/or emailed daily trying to find out when someone will contact me. Have been lied to repeatedly as to when that will happen. This is ludicrous that I can't get support to fix this problem for a program I recently began using on a new computer. I have videos I need to burn for Christmas, Program was working great until this glitch that is preventing me from finishing my project. I could not possibly be more upset and angry. Where is the customer service? Where is the concern for the consumer? I'm not seeing it. I would also like to speak with a person that speaks good English, as well. I'm already stressed over this, without straining to understand broken English in a complex discussion.

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