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On January 6, 2022, my husband and I went to Concentra Urgent Care at 835 N Emerson Ave Ste. B, Greenwood, IN for my left arm that I had injured, it was swollen. I came in desiring some medical attention. Unfortunately, we were turned away, denied service because a lady (of Indian descent) refuse to accept my husband's Blue Shield Blue Cross health insurance that I am covered on because my name was not on his card. He pulled up the insurance information on his phone that included my name, but she still refused. My husband told me all she had to do is call the insurance company to verify. There were 2 ladies at the desk, one of them informed us they were new, and they did not know how to administer urgent care walk-ins. The lady (Indian Descent) had received some instructions over her phone from someone. When she got to the part where she needed insurance information that is when she disregarded the help I needed. She was incompetent. I would suggest training in dealing with people with urgent care. Google search - Concentra has been a leader in occupational health for more than 35 years. Concentra offers occupational and urgent medical care, as well as physical therapy and wellness. From the description, I can't say I concur. On this day they failed us. My husband and I were disappointed. We moved on to Franciscan Immediate Care and received service. They accepted my husband's insurance with no questions asked; made a copy and I was able to talk to the doctor and get a referral.

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