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ZINGOW SAVED MY LIFE. I was in the process of moving my family to Henderson near Las Vegas on a promise from someone renting me their home. I will not print their name even though I should. I have my family along with a rental truck with all our belongings. When it fell through I looked on CRAIGSLIST and saw ZINGOWS advertisement. I called, got registered and went through the list while panicking. I found another property in Henderson, so I called customer service and told them my predicament. They did a custome search and found an owners phone number. I called the owner of another house in Henderson and we are moving in maybe tomorrow after I take the agreed funds to the owner. ZINGOW SAVED ME AND MY FAMILIES LIFE. WE COULD HAVE BEEN HOMELESS.


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  5th of Nov, 2008
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This post was made from an employer!! BEWARE -- THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!!

Zingow.com does their scamming out of this address...

12335 Santa Monica Blvd. Ste 180
Los Angeles, CA 90025


  5th of Nov, 2008
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For all those that want your money back from zingow.com - HERE IS HOW TO GO ABOUT IT ...

The customer service number is 877-425-6887

The company's number is: (310) 442-3330
- Irina is the customer service manager and her extension is -- 154

BEFORE CALLING CUSTOMER SERVICE... Call your bank or credit card company and inform them as to what has taken place and give them zingow.com's office addresss:

12335 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 180
Los Angeles, CA 90025

The owner's name is : Gopinath Bhaskarpillai (although he goes by: Gobi)

Make sure to tell Irina or the customer service agent that you have informed your bank or credit card company of all their information and if they still refuse to refund your money... get the authorities involved!!!


If you have any further questions, , you can email me at agent5677@yahoo.com
  5th of Nov, 2008
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F.Y.I ---- WHEN CALLING THE COMPANY'S NUMBER, YOU'LL NOTICE HOW IT SAYS, " Thank you for calling Lotus Inter Works" ( just goes to show how zingow.com is TRULY a scam), anyhow, don't think you've dialed the wrong number...that is ZINGOW.COM !!!

You can go to ... http://www.lotusinterworks.com/ which is a different line of work from what zingow.com promotes.

You can read what the owner of zingow.com (Gopinath Bhaskarpillai -- a.k.a. Gobi) writes about himself by going to http://www.lotusinterworks.com/ -- then hit "About Us". I have pasted and copied what it says, so you can get an idea. THE MAN IS A CROOK...

Dr. B. Gopinath
Dr. Gopinath founded Lotus Interworks in 1999. Earlier in his career, he spent over 20 years at Bell Laboratories, engaged in fundamental computer and communications sciences research and served as division manager of systems research at Bellcore. During his tenure at Bell Laboratories, Dr. Gopinath also taught as Alexander Humbolt Fellow at the University of Gottingen, Germany, as the Gordon McKay Professor at University of California at Berkeley California and finally as the The State of New Jersey Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

Dr. Gopinath holds several patents and has several pending patent applications in fundamental areas of communication and computer sciences.
He has co-authored approximately 70 technical reports and has delivered more than 200 speeches at major universities, research institutions, and technical conferences. Dr. Gopinath earned his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford University. He was elected a Fellow of IEEE for his contributions to the modeling and analysis of communication systems.
  19th of Mar, 2009
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zingow is a total ripoff consumer scam. it is a shame we have to share the planet with people like this. i hope they sleep well at night knowing they are taking money for nothing. your day is coming. zingow is a scam and i suggest do not waste your money. giving your money to this company is no different than throwing it out your car window as you drive down the street. my daughter was taken for 200 dollars by these crooks. once again incase you didnt understand the first time. zingow is a ripoff scam consumer beware better business bureau f rated fraud company in los angeles california. do not get ripped off by zingow.
  27th of Apr, 2009
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i have just spent 2 days trying to get information about this company, because i am very interested in signing up for a service like this, if it is for real. i can't say my experience was very positive, but i can't say for sure that it's a scam. the first operator was polite enough, but very thin in his answers to my questions. i spoke with my financial advisor, who gave me a list of questions to ask before i commit to the fee. i called back and got a supervisor named christopher. he answered my questions much more thoroughly at first; however, he became very impatient with me very quickly, starting to say things like, "look do you want to sign up or no?" when i had not asked all of my questions yet. he also said it was not possible for me to see what type of agreement i would be signing on a house if i did get one. then i went online and found all of these complaints. i also got some further financial advice. i called christopher back to clarify some things. he became irritated immediately and said "look you sound like you want the service but then you keep talking yourself out of it. so why don't you think about it and call back." i told him about the complaints i had found online, and he said these were the work of a group of disgruntled employees who wanted to start their own company, and tha the claims weren't true. today i called to try one last time, also to clarify a couple of items christopher had stated. i reached a man named Sid (or Syd). syd immediately told me that everything christopher had said was wrong. he too became very rude and noninformative when i asked questions and expressed frustration that i had recieved conflicting information. i asked for a supervisor. he said he "probably" was a supervisor. when i insisted, he gave me another number to call. i finally reached a manager named Ryan. he was very knowledgeable and answered my questions much more clearly, beginning to end, than had the others. he was also very polite throughout the conversation. however, several things he stated with explicitly different than what the other agents had said. he did not apologize that there was misinformation, he just told me that it sounded like the service wasn't right for me and got off the phone. maybe that had something to do with the fact that when i finally got frustrated, that i said that i had seen all of the complaints online about them. maybe they thought i was a reporter or something. that part makes me smile... but it is frustrating because it seems too good to be true, so as usual, it is... hard to have faith in a company that acts like this, even if they aren't a scam... and $200 is a lot to spend. overall a very unpleasant experience.
  30th of Apr, 2009
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want your money back? 2 magic word's: charge back. plain and simple.
  30th of Apr, 2009
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tell them you know about their Merchant Account, Haha, that'll get you your money back REAL QUICK. REMEBER: CHARGE BACK.
  20th of May, 2009
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Zingow.com is now www.myhomeselects.com My home selects myhomeselects.com new name same old scam
  19th of Jul, 2009
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i think this stinking company is now called homespriceline.com. i had a feeling there was something wrong with this company when I first called them through a number from a Craigslist. first i had to wait for like 15-20 minutes before an agent came to the phone and then when she did, she put me oh hold and then just disconnected me. It was so unprofessional. So, I called a second time and also had to wait again, then finally a male agent answered and i asked questions about how they operate. The minute I heard that you had to pay for what services they do, i thought it didn't feel right. so, my habit is to always check on the internet on these types of companies for scams and i found quite a few on this company (aka Zingow). i wish there was a way that we can shut these types of scam companies down so that they don't hurt more people. the problem is that they just keep popping up under different names. i bet you that it won't be long before homespriceline will be called something else...i hate the kind of greedy people who take advantage of innocent people. Do not trust this company.

BOTTOM-LINE: Listen to your instincts. Do your research before handing over $. Report companies that scam.

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