Zaxby's Caesar Saladforeign object in salad

Ms Jan 23, 2015 Aiken, SC

I visited our local Zaxby's and ordered a salad to go. When I arrived home, I found this piece of metal at the bottom of my salad. It measured 1in by 1in with a very sharp edge. I called and spoke to the manager. She assured me that it did not come from their equipment. I was back in route to the restaurant, when they said they could not help me unless I had a receipt.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Aiken, SC I found my receipt in my car. When I went back inside, the manager changed her not so caring attitude to a serious one and starting by apologizing and breaking me the news that it did indeed break off of their salad cutter. They offered me a refund. I am very dissatisfied by the unprofessionalism and how quick they were to put the blame on me. This could have ended fatal. I will not be returning.

Zaxby's Caesar Salad
Zaxby's Caesar Salad

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