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Z57 / scam

1 CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 18008998148

Don't sign up for this website. The web site was never hooked to my MLS. So non working site. They screwed up my email till I had to hire someone to fi it. I begged them to fix it to no avail. No emails sent or recieved for 10 days. When someone logs on to foreclosures they are asked to supply a credit card. No refund of $415. because they already built it.

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  • Ki
      25th of Aug, 2010
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    I have cancelled my services with Z57 twice and just noticed another automatic payment of $79. 12 months times $79

  • Jc
      26th of Aug, 2010
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    Hey Kip,
    I just reviewed your account and there seem to be some discrepancies. I see notes in our system where you worked with both our billing department and our Customer Service department this year, but I see in the notes that you are claiming that you canceled a year ago. I would like to get this issued worked through and resolved if possible. Please feel free to contact our Service department and ask for me directly.

    Thanks for your time,

    Jeremiah Cole
    Director of Customer Service
    Z57 Internet Solutions |
    W – 1-800-899-8148

  • Z5
      13th of Dec, 2010
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    Z57 would like the opportunity to address this former client’s concerns. We will refer to her as Ms. B., out of respect for her online anonymity.

    The fact that Ms. B.’s website was never “hooked to” her MLS was neither the responsibility nor the fault of Z57. Z57 does offer an incorporated MLS search function with its websites, but this is an optional product. Ms. B. did not choose the website package that included our MLS solution; she instead chose to use her real estate board’s solution. Ms. B. sent Z57 the paperwork that her board required to be signed, and we returned it to her 4 days later. We would of course like to minimize this turn-around time, but the paperwork has to be carefully examined. This paperwork is a legal, binding contract between our business and a real estate board. When Ms. B. closed her account with Z57, she had not yet given us the link address for the MLS search. Ms. B. did not wait for her board’s MLS link approval process to be completed.

    Ms. B.’s website was built on 11/15/2010, and was published on the Internet that same day. Every feature that Z57 provides with its websites was fully functional: the school reports, the community reports, the instant home values tool, the foreclosure search, the lead capture, the visitor tracking statistics, and the automatic email response system. The only part of the website that was not yet functioning was the MLS search, which (as mentioned above) Ms. B. chose to have her real estate board provide.

    Ms. B. brought it to our attention that she wished to have Godaddy manage her email account. Ms. B. gave us Godaddy’s mail record settings, and our IT department made the necessary settings changes on our side, on that same day. If any additional changes needed to be made with Godaddy, as far as setting up the email account, Z57 was not instructed to do this. In the thousands of times Z57 has directed emails to Godaddy for other clients previously, there was no need for an additional process to be done. Ms. B. would have needed to contact Godaddy for support with their email service.

    In order to provide a resource of foreclosure information for our clients, our websites are initially built with a foreclosure search. This tool is very effective at its intended goal: to generate leads for our real estate agents. Once a consumer gives out their contact information within the foreclosure search, and sees some basic information on a number of foreclosed homes, they are prompted to sign up (with the foreclosure data provider) for full access. Our clients have the option to simply remove this foreclosure search from their websites if they wish, or to utilize a different foreclosure search.

    Ms. B. invested in a website through Z57 on 11/15/2010. Ms. B.’s website was built and published on the Internet that same day. All features of the website for which Z57 was responsible, were fully functional. Because we provided the product and services that were paid for, Ms. B. does not qualify for a refund.

    Z57 regrets any frustrations that Ms. B. had during her initial website setup. We would have appreciated a longer-term opportunity to help Ms. B. with her marketing success.

    Henry Phillips
    Quality Assurance Manager
    Z57 Internet Solutions

  • Ch
      26th of Jan, 2011
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    LIES LIES LIES!!! I was demonstrated a web site with MLS links and how my clients could look up my listings on line. I was NEVER told I would have to purchase another package to have any of this website working. I was told at the time of set up that (we will handle that) when I discovered that I could not search our MLS. Weeks later when I sill was not hooked up to the MLS I was told that was my responsibilty to provide a link I am not an IT person that is why I hired them. MY email was down for days I am a realtor that is my life blood. I called everyday to get it fixed begging and crying on the phone. I was told it was Godaddy that had it screwed up but what a suprise that it stopped working the day that they took over. I could not recieve or send emails! I then had to hire a true professional who fixed this issue in mear minutes somehting that Z57 couldn't do within 11 days. This was at my cost!!! How long am I suppose to wait to get my email fixed??? I was told it was just a sloppy mistake made by Z57. They won't refund my money and funny how Henry finally called when I reversed the charges. I was told to cancel my website I would have to talk to a manger I called everyday to talk with one I got voice mails ohhh they are in a meeting etc. till finally a guy said look lady your not getting your money back. NICE Now z57 claims that it was a legitimate charge to my credit card. I recieved 1 lead and that was a friend, they claim to give you back your money when you don't get the leads at that rate it would take a year. When I was having problems with Z57 I googled Z57 and what come up Z57 SCAM pages and pages gee that gave me cofidence to continue patronizing their company. Game on HENRY!

  • Ho
      26th of Jan, 2011
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    Cherib67: Please see my blog and the accompanying comment... I think you'll appreciate it. (and feel free to add on, we're on the same page)

  • Am
      28th of Jan, 2011
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    cherib67, I myself am a new client on Z57. I am sorry that you have had such a bad experience with them. I myself have received nothing but outstanding service. Now I will admit the sales pitch is a little pushy, but that's their job. I listened and ask questions during the build of my site. I heard the gal explain its 60 unique visitors within two months, not leads. The reason why I remember this is because she asked me if the sales person told me the difference between a lead and a visitor. If you ask me, sounds like its a script so I am sure they asked you to. I am new to the business but did already purchase a domain name through godaddy as well. Since godaddy lets you create an email, I decided to like I'm sure you did. They warned me my emails would go down before they made the switch. I didn't got the package with the IDX search either, but they told me I could call my board and ask for a link and once the board gave it to me, they would add the link if I emailed it over. After my build call, she sent me an email to remind me of all the things she still needed from me, like the link, my contacts, my photo, and logo. Didn't you get one? I have been a client of Z57 for just over a month and have learned so much about the online marketing tools that are available through my new site. I had one active listing when I signed up, since I have been a client of Z57 and have already gotten 2 more listings thanks to the uniqueness of the single property website. Also, I have gotten leads, great customer support, and compliments on the site. Like I said before, I wish your experience could have been like mine. Best of luck to you in your real estate career.

  • Ho
      28th of Jan, 2011
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    Me thinks AmandaC850works for Z57 or Z58 another of their companies of boiler room marketing arms... ("C850"...really?)

  • Ch
      24th of Feb, 2011
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    I agree Holbrookcanhelp She does know how to cut and paste (twice)?

  • Ho
      24th of Feb, 2011
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    They publish job listings evedryday here in San Diego for the same position. They (IN MY PERSONAL OPINION) either burn through talent, or, use resumes for personal info gain, or, to keep their brand in front of mind. Either way, I'm not a fan. Doesn't seem honest or forthright to me.

  • Z5
      8th of Mar, 2011
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    I would like to address several of the comments above: Ms. B.’s response; the happy customer/poster; and the concerns regarding job postings.

    -Ms. B.: I tried to reach Ms. B. via phone and email several times in December of 2010, when her concerns were brought to my attention. She chose not to allow me to assist her, because she never responded to the attempted contact. By Ms. B’s inaction, I came to the conclusion that she was not interested in a resolution at that time.

    Ms. B. has apparently decided that she does want a resolution to her concerns, because she filed a complaint with the BBB recently (2 months after my attempts to reach her). I responded through the BBB process, addressing Ms. B’s concerns, and clarifying that Ms. B. did not qualify for a refund per the Terms and Conditions to which she agreed.
    The BBB acknowledged the facts I presented, and has closed the matter.

    Though many of our competitors have poor BBB ratings, please note that we have an A- rating.

    I have already addressed Ms. B.’s specific claims above, but I will touch on them once again. Regarding the MLS search: Ms. B. did not purchase our integrated MLS search, but she did not need to. She had the ability to get an MLS search link through her MLS. For whatever reason, Ms. B. chose not to complete this process before canceling her account with us.

    Regarding the email downtime: If fixing the email was something that only we could have done from our end, then even an “email professional” couldn’t have taken care of it, because they wouldn’t have had access to the settings. What most likely happened was that the email account needed to be setup through Godaddy, which is what we presume the email expert did. What we did have control over, and did do, was point the emails to Godaddy. We were not responsible for Ms. B.’s Godaddy account. Godaddy is a different company, and we do not manage our clients’ Godaddy accounts. We made no mistake; we made the settings change to point Ms. B’s emails where she requested: to Godaddy.

    Our Traffic Guarantee that Ms. B. is referencing is just that: A guarantee of a certain amount of traffic, not a guarantee of a certain number of leads. No company can guarantee how many consumers will fill out forms on a website (becoming a lead). We do not guarantee or “sell leads”, and we don’t ever recommend our agents buy leads.

    Ms. B. had one of our websites for less than a month. As search engines take weeks to notice a new website, we would never tell our agents to expect results in so short of a time. We would like to have had the opportunity to help Ms. B. in her online marketing efforts, but she chose not to give us that opportunity.

    -The happy customer: I am the only employee here who is posting on this website. I can’t tell who “Amanda” is by the above information, but she is not an employee of ours. I’m glad to hear that she is having a positive experience with us, and that she is utilizing the marketing tools we provide.

    Please note: Z58 is not a “marketing arm”. It is a corporation that runs an online photograph-sharing website. Besides mutual owners, it has nothing to do with Z57.

    -Job listings: Of course we post job listings all the time. This is the same with every mid-sized sales organization who is always looking for the best and brightest. Besides the ever-present sales openings (as you will see in all sales forces…Why turn away good talent?), we have also been looking for specific management positions in Customer Service and Operations. We had many well-qualified applicants, with great track records, but it took us a long time to find the right fit for our future goals. We don’t just want to be the best at what every other Internet solutions provider offers; we strive to lead the industry in providing on-demand marketing support. We are very proud of this service-for-success aspect of our business.
    Please note: Though several of the management positions have been filled, several have not.

    In conclusion:
    In the current real estate market many agents are upset; this is understandable. Whenever economic times are bad, it can create a strain between business partners. We wish Ms. B. had given us more than just a few weeks to show her online marketing results, and that she had utilized the tools and resources we provide.

    Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback. It is often through feedback that we find aspects of our business where we are doing well or otherwise. We are always striving for never-ending improvement.

    Henry Phillips
    Quality Assurance Manager
    Z57 Internet Solutions

  • Z5
      8th of Mar, 2011
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    I apologize for the garbled text. It looks like this system had some issues with the quotation marks and apostrophes that I used.

  • Ch
      3rd of Apr, 2011
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    Well you know what they say it's the one who talks the most is the one lying. According to the BBB our case is unresolved because Z57 obvioulsy doesn't care to make the customer happy. I know your job and it must be a full time job Henry is to patrol complaint boards. Instead of being so busy proving me wrong and quoting your terms and conditions which were we all know written to protect your company so that you can keep the money of people like me who want out of your scam. That is ONE reason I wanted out because of all the scam reports all over the web. It has been said that if you disappoint a customer in the physical world that they will tell 6 friends if you do it on the internet you will tell 6000. So I guess I alone have told 6006. Lesson number 2 Henry Quality in a product or service is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it. So we all know what I got out of Z57 a charge on my credit card my email messed up and a bare bones demo site that did nothing you said it would. Lesson 3 then is customers don't expect you to be perfect but fix mistakes when they occur. Lesson 4 mistakes are the protals of discovery and that should keep you busy on this site alone. 5 well done is better than well said. 6 always give people more than they expect to get. So the lesson for everyone is if you expect Z57 to treat you like the customer is always right or that they believe in customer satisfaction go somewhere else for your web needs. For all the people this warning is too late for the CA attorney general is gathering a file of evidence please forward yours.

  • Si
      26th of Apr, 2011
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  • Jh
      1st of May, 2011
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    You people are not too smart. Z57 is the best internet company out there. When you pick up the phone to speak to one of the reps, they have the patience to deal with how little you know about the internet and how to market. ihouseweb is a joke as is AccessDirect, and all the other companies trying to pretend to know how to handle a real estate agent and create an effective website. My advice to all of you who are complaining-when you talk to Z57 reps, be quiet and listen. They are far smarter then you are and are only trying to help. Those of you who have billing issues...are you sure you know how to read a contract or use a calculator? Just trust Z57. Henry-you are the man!

  • Gi
      3rd of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    J. Howley, you clearly work for these people... To call someone less than smart because they do not have strong knowledge of web marketing and technology is a clear example of YOUR mental capacity. Are you an expert in EVERYTHING in the universe???? I take it you do your own accounting, dry-cleaning, fix your own car, prescribe your own medication and heck, you may even know how to fly to the moon and build a space shuttle! As for the rest of us, we hire "professionals" in fields that are not our expertise. Their job is to provide exactly that, specilized service and they get paid for doing a good job. The joke is actually on this company, the idiots are those who think they can get away with stealing and calling their client base stupid... Let's see how long this company lasts. I'm already laughing!

  • Z5
      4th of May, 2011
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    Dear Cherib67

    Although we have discussed your issue at length already, we saw a posting today that we felt we simply must address immediately.

    We do NOT agree with the opinions of J Howley. We’ve looked through our files and Howley is not an employee (past or current) or a customer (past or current). Howley’s comments are inappropriate, rude and completely uncalled for. Howley - we don’t know who you are, but please stop with the name calling.

    The Complaint Board is set up for customers to share their opinions - good and bad. And while it hurts to hear the bad – we need to hear it. And you are right – we need to work on a few things. Frankly, we have taken everyone’s feedback very seriously and are rolling out new changes at Z57 that we hope will be the first step towards improving any perceptions of Z57. While we cannot repair all of the mistakes of the past – we want to improve and are making serious changes here. And it’s through feedback that we learn. We hope we can win your business back someday, but regardless, we want you to know that we heard you and we are changing.

    There are several programs and activities that we are working on to improve at Z57. But in fairness to your post, we don’t want to dominate the conversation with our message. However, we did want you to know we heard you, we are making changes and we are grateful for the feedback so we can improve our services.

    Most importantly - J Howley – we don’t know who you are, but please stop insulting people who simply want share their opinions. If we didn’t get feedback, we couldn’t improve. That’s all Cherib67 was doing here. Leave her alone.

    Z57 Client Development Team

  • Ca
      4th of May, 2011
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    Please simply address this issue:

    T0 the Z57 Client development team:

    Good job of presenting us with Good Cop-Bad Cop routine. I bet you know full well who J Howley is. Either way it is nothing that any one can prove short of hiring a fleet of lawyers. How convenient.

    Z57 ripped me off and I still have the emails from Paul Lamotte suggesting I should give him my log-ins. Only an idiot would give up their MLS LogIns. The MLSs prohibit members from doing that specifically. As if you guys didnt know that - well maybe you dont if you catch my implication.

    And I quote Paul Lamotte
    "are you able to give me the user and password for that agent long in section so i can look around to pull a link off of that?"

    You got plenty of feedback from me and yet you NEVER privided me with any real service. Everything I said in my preivious post on this site still stands. Offering up an apology for past bad conduct does not make up for that conduct. It only shows me how despicable and unethical you people really are. I can walk outside and get clean hot air.


  • Ga
      7th of Sep, 2011
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    You may want to CXL you credit card because they just keep on charging..
    I tried to CXL in Dec. 2009 and was given something about I should try to sale my web name. I called again in Feb. 2010 and asked to be CXL. Thought it was done but later found out NO SO. Always get a cancellation number or name. Calls came in about the account and I told the individual that I had closed the account.
    At one time I was told that I was setup with a CXL but I didn't answer my e-mail. That person said he was going to take care of it and e-mail me . I have never seen an e-mail from Z57.
    I finally had to CXL my credit card to stop the charges. Alot of scams of getting you credit card and the charges never stop.
    Today I received a call for a attorney with threats about my credit rating.
    I have a good opportunity to tell a lot of Real Estate Agents about my experiences with Z57. I will attend a Default and foreclosure convention in Dallar this month. (5 Star Convention)
    We have a lot of net working morning, noon and night. I will not be able to talk to all 4 to 5 thousand people but I will have Z57 topic in my main conversations. This type of negative publicity will go back to the offices of all the agents I meet. After I get through, the name Z57 wil not be forgotten.

  • Oc
      22nd of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    did the same thing to me what a ripp off i cancelled in the first 30 days they owe me.

  • Sy
      17th of Nov, 2011
    -1 Votes

    This is a boiler room kind of fraudulent hard sale. They promise the unwitting realtor the moon and the stars as marketing and website service, leads and internet presence but they deliver nothing but a poor cut and paste, first grader type of “banner”. They have many sales people and almost no website builders. So they charge you up front (they charge me $480) and then start stalling and stalling using all kinds of excuses and non- credible stories (mostly placing the blame on YOU) for dragging their feet and not delivering.
    Truth is they have no website building capacity or hired power to cover all of the people they are ripping off. Their employees are only selling and cold calling. They will not refund you a penny even if their conditions give a 30 day refund. They will wear you out and finally repeat that there are “no grounds” to grant you a refund because your “website” was up when it is nothing other than the picture you sent them with one or two other props.
    Notice they have only one 800 number and will never go beyond that so if you need to talk to the person that is “working with you” on your website, you have no ways of contacting this person. Emails are useless as no one will ever answer one (or at least not the people that sell you the bill of lies). They even went as far as sending me a different set of “Terms and Conditions” when requesting a refund, to the ones set forth upon signing up for the alleged website /marketing program. Cancel your credit card or else they will continue to charge you even after you have cancelled their service.

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