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Z57 / terrible

1 United States Review updated:

Z57 is a complete joke!!! They offer you at least 60 UNIQUE leads by unique they mean fraudulent, I received maybe 30 emails all of which were fake email addresses. Then when I tried to cancel the first month they told me I had to wait two months to experience the full effect and to qualify for my full refund. I contacted them at the end of this month to cancel again and get my money back and they tell me I received too many unique visitors to qualify for any refund. They are scam artists and you will be wasting your time, energy and money. STAY AWAY FROM Z57

Wayne Loux
Keller Williams Elite Realtors

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  • An
      22nd of Oct, 2010
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    I had the same issue - lousy website. I cancelled back in June but they still kept charging my account. Apparently when I originally called to cancel they said they had given me the option to sell my website to a friend or work mate. Why would I sell something that is worthless to a friend! They never told me this. They say they will not refund my money that they have charged since my original cancellation. I have put in a complaint to the BBB. I also got the stupid fake e-mail leads. This is a scam!

  • Im
      5th of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    shame on you people for not reading the terms and conditions. have you heard the phrase "if it sounds too good to be true it probably is"... take a lesson from your mother and know that if your going to spend $49-$99 on marketing monthly YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK. who the eff thinks they are going to get quality leads for the price of a good dinner. if you real estate agents honestly believed that then your all [censor]s. with that being said z57 does provide an amazing customer support team that will help you map out a marketing plan and help you get started but they wont do everything for you. i havent worked with one other company that will sit and teach you how to market on craigslist for an hour for free! basically if you people werent so busy pinching pennies and actually invested in GOOD marketing strategies $99 wouldnt seem like the end of the world because you'd actually be making real money.

    bottom line real estate agents are lazy, they want the world but dont want to lift a finger for it. this market is karma, go get a real job chumps.

  • Ch
      24th of Feb, 2011
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    Who comes on a complaint board to sing praises for a company that is as fraudulent as Z57! Just google Z57 and you will find page after page of SCAM alerts. If you google Wise Agent, Top Pruducer, Agent Office, Real e Seller you won't find this level of complaints hummmm. So IMVU I think we know what kind of job you have, stealing money from hard working realtors, maybe you need a real job instead of damage control for Z57. It not about us being cheap, it's what we call customer service, and the difference between right and wrong. If you need to come on a complaint board to say good things about Z57 the pressure must be getting to you! Talk about Karma I can't wait to see what comes back around on you. Any one interested the attorney general is investigating Z57 I am sure they would like to hear more stories. IMVU If you have to work this hard to steal my money I know I make alot more dough than you.

  • Jh
      3rd of May, 2011
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    You real estate agents are not too smart. The next time I call...shut up, give me your credit card # and I will give you the best product/website in the industry. Don't trust these other companies. Steve Weber is a brilliant man and you are lucky to hear one of the sales people when we call. You know you just are not smart enough to understand the way a website works or how to read a contract. Trust the experts. I am so tired of hearing all the complaining. Suck it up, take the call and pay your damn bill. Enough with this nonsense!

  • Z5
      4th of May, 2011
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    To Wayneloux,

    We know your post is a few months old, but saw a new posting today that we felt we must jump in.

    First off… we do NOT agree with the opinions of J Howley. We’ve looked through our files and Howley is not an employee (past or current) or a customer (past or current). Howley’s comments are inappropriate, rude and completely uncalled for. Howley - we don’t know who you are, but please stop with the name calling. Also, we see the posting from Imvu and do not agree with their position either.

    The Complaint Board is set up for customers to share their opinions - good and bad. And while it hurts to hear the bad – we needed to hear it. Frankly, we have taken everyone’s feedback very seriously and are rolling out new changes at Z57 that we hope will be the first step towards improving your perception of Z57. While we cannot repair all of the mistakes of the past – we want to improve and are making serious changes here. And we welcome your continued feedback as we strive to improve. Hopefully we can win your business back. But regardless, we want you to know that we heard you and we are changing.
    Here’s what we are doing:

    Our Cancellation Policy
    We want to apologize. Sometimes policies get in the way of offering good client service and it appears we are guilty of that. Z57 prides itself on successful working with thousands of Realtors to grow their Internet marketing for past 12 years. It wasn’t our intention to make it this so challenging to cancel our services and we don’t want to force Realtors to continue with a product if they have changed their mind after hanging up the phone.

    Therefore, effective immediately, any new client can cancel their Z57 services within 3 days of purchase – for any reason – and get a full refund. If it’s after 3 days, a client may cancel at any time with 30 days notice. Simply call us at 800-899-8148. Yes, we will still ask you why you want to cancel. But understand that’s only so we can improve our product and services to better suit your needs. We want to offer Realtor’s the best service possible.

    Our Traffic Guarantee
    We received a lot of feedback regarding our Traffic Guarantee. We take pride in the products we deliver and we would never intentionally create an offer that clients felt misled by. We were surprised by the feedback and pulled together our resources to make changes.

    So effective immediately, we have removed the Traffic Guarantee and are replacing it with a new program: the Z57 Academy. The Z57 Academy is a comprehensive program that teaches Realtors how to be successful with Internet marketing. Through these five one-on-one courses, Realtors learn how to harness the Internet and Z57 services to maximize their marketing and take advantage of every opportunity to generate traffic, which converts to leads and ultimately– transactions.

    We have a lot of experience making Realtors successful online and felt that these courses would offer our clients more value and more back-end support. At the end of the courses, Realtor’s earn a Z-Pro certification for their marketing and will give them access to additional Z57 resources. For a limited time, we are offering these classes free to Z57 clients so if you are interested in enrolling in the academy, simply call us at 800-899-8148 to schedule your first course. Also, any existing clients who are currently under the traffic guarantee may immediately switch to the Z57 Academy if they choose to.

    I know its a few months too late and we have lost your business. That's our loss. But we did want you to know we heard you, we are making changes and we are grateful for the feedback so we can improve our services.

    And J Howley – we don’t know who you are, but please stop insulting people who simply want share their opinions. If we didn’t get feedback, we couldn’t improve.

    Z57 Client Development Team

  • Ca
      4th of May, 2011
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    T0 the Z57 Client development team:

    Good job of presenting us with Good Cop-Bad Cop routine. I bet you know full well who J Howley is. Either way it is nothing that any one can prove short of hiring a fleet of lawyers. How convenient.

    Z57 ripped me off and I still have the emails from Paul Lamotte suggesting I should give him my log-ins. Only an idiot would give up their MLS LogIns. The MLSs prohibit members from doing that specifically. As if you guys didnt know that - well maybe you dont if you catch my implication.

    And I quote Paul Lamotte
    "are you able to give me the user and password for that agent long in section so i can look around to pull a link off of that?"

    You got plenty of feedback from me and yet you NEVER privided me with any real service. Everything I said in my preivious post on this site still stands. Offering up an apology for past bad conduct does not make up for that conduct. It only shows me how despicable and unethical you people really are. I can walk outside and get clean hot air.


  • St
      28th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    Z-57 recently got black listed from Yahoo. This caused me to loss contact with all my clients for days. When I called tonight to speak to the rep, she would not give her name, kept talking instead of listening, kept telling me that after I changed my "pass through/pop mail" to gmail account; I would not be getting any mail sent to my domain from yahoo... but I did. Then to after getting very angry asking to speak to someone else, the btich hung up on me. DONE DONE DONE, STICK A FORK IN ME I AM DONE... After six years of this ###!

  • Z5
      1st of Mar, 2012
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    Thank you for your feedback. Email blacklisting is a frustrating process that effects many companies on a regular basis. It sounds like you spoke with our client development manager and she was able to clarify the situation. Please let me know if there's anything we can do to help in the future.

  • Se
      16th of Jun, 2012
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    I am going through a really hard time with z-57. I have not complained but kept asking questions and the agents told me that they are only allowed to go over one topic at a time. everytime I asked the question for the past 4 months I was steered to buy more products. I have a few friends with Z-5. And when my friend was on the phone while he was learning the website the agent did not know I was there and said to my friend oh you know your friend ( me ) They all know her here at Z- 57 and she has her name on the ### list. she is never going get any of her questions resolved the agents hate her here and will always give her a hard time. My question was legitimate about the data and no one wanted to answer it. I am not sure what to do at this point just that it is really uncomfortable and unfortunate that bussiness can be run this way. I wonder if the Owner and Ceo is aware if all this going on. It is sad I have friends all over that are Real Estate agents and I would have referred them but instead they just reallly taught me people don't care even when you pay them for their services. They have the neighborhood date back from the 1800's and not in the year 2012! All I was doing was asking them to fix the problem. Not judge or harm my mind.

  • Z5
      17th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    Thank you for letting us know about this situation. Your description of this incident is alarming. We would like to review the call and take appropriate action. If you have any more information on who the agent was that your friend was speaking to on the phone or the date and approximate time of the call, we will do our best to identify the call and review it. Also, we certainly want to address the question you were calling in about. If you can provide more details on your question regarding our neighborhood data, I am more than happy to look into that for you and get back to you with an answer as soon as possible. Please contact us at with any additional details you may have.
    We look forward to hearing from you.

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