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did not order any cds from them. they sent them anyway and billed my credit card. When you call their [protected] number...the message is distorted and you can't understand it and can't get ahold of a real person. in the process of contesting the charges and
returning the merchandise. These people should be in jail

Nov 03, 2014
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  • Sa
      Feb 25, 2015

    I got ordered the CD never got it. Then they charged me $84.00 for I don't know as I never got anything from them. SCAM BEWARE!!! Called to talk to a person, was left on hold for over 25 minutes. Stopped bank card and am giving them information that I printed as I am disabled and never gave permission for anything but the $1.99 for a CD to quit smoking that I never got. I cant afford to owe my bank for nothing. I never got anything from them. NOT HAPPY!

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  • Bc
      Mar 20, 2015

    I to fell for this scam. I returned the boxes of cd's that I did not order but was charged for. I disputed the charges on my credit card but they are charging me anyway because they said that I checked a box that authorized them to send me thier packets of cd's. I know I did not do such a thing but I cant prove it. My computer crashed and I lost all the info I had on it. So I am being charged for 2 boxes of cd's at 85.00 each and then the interest on the credit card from Jan. and I returned the boxes by putting return to sender and never opened them. They have the merchendise and my money. I just wanted to try the stop smoking cd. Free cd you just pay shipping!!! They are a book store out of washington. They should be charged with Fraud. One Bad Company.

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  • Le
      Nov 24, 2015

    I too had received the cd, then took it to the post office and told the clerk to send it back, the clerk blacked out my name and address circled the senders address and wrote on it return to sender and I asked what tracking number do I use, she said use the same one. It has been 8 days know, unable to track it, they keep saying they have not received the package, the USPS CAN'T TRACK IT, I CAN'T file a claim, they have to, so if they do not receive it I';m out the 88.00 dollars. I'm on a limited income and can not afford an 88.00 loss. Something should been done about theses people. Maybe we all should get together and do a class action suit against them. If a lawyer reads this, think about it and contact me at [protected] Thank you

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