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03 September 2009

Ponzie scam and other civil and criminal investigations are underway in the York Street Properties case. Allegations have been made by investors, lenders, tenants, buyers and service providers which are being taken seriously by local authorities.

Persons of interest to investigators in the case are Lance Winston Puig of Dallas and ex federal convict Michael Scott Bacher. Pictured below.

Victims of York Street Properties alleged mis-dealings are asked to contact investigators at the Texas Attorney General's office at [protected] or through their website:

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  • La
      Sep 05, 2009


    Over 4 pages of comments and information as of this posting !

    York Street Properties, York Street Homes and Lance Puig are companies and a person NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH !!!

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  • Yo
      Sep 09, 2009

    York Street Properties vehemently disagrees with the assertions in these malicious, anonymous comments concerning our business conduct. While we do not wish to speculate as to someone else’s motives, maybe the postings are motivated by the current multi-trillion dollar crisis in the domestic financial/real estate market. If that’s true, their focus might be more appropriately directed elsewhere. York Street Properties, like nearly every person and business, suffered in 2008 and the early part of 2009. However, since late spring of this year the real estate market has started to improve and, to that end, our dedicated staff is redoubling its efforts to maximize opportunities for our customers during this improving real estate market. YSP has delivered for many satisfied customers over the past years and much of our business has come (and continues to come) from customer referrals.

    YSP does not recognize the comments posted on this unaudited website (or on other non-accredited “consumer advocacy”) as legitimate and truthful, backed by fact. Only the Better Business Bureau refuses anonymous complaints; therefore, only the BBB is a reliable source of consumer information. Posting anonymously is not an effective, nor fair, way to deal with complaints. Moreover, it is not a normal means to address problems. Contrary to the outrageous claims made by these anonymous snipers, YSP values each of its customers and, when necessary, always welcomes the opportunity to work towards a mutually acceptable outcome. Although rare, when solutions have not been readily achievable, YSP has often refunded money. For years YSP conducted business without such attacks and now, all of a sudden, these anonymous hecklers post online (instead of seeking legitimate means of redress). Worse still, the defamatory material posted here has been copied and re-posted verbatim to other sites. YSP is currently investigating its options to resolve this issue and defend its unfairly besmirched name and urges any potential, existing or former customer (including those who have posted this material) to contact us directly.

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  • La
      Sep 18, 2009

    Since there's only one official employee of York Street Properties, Lance Puig, I'll assume the little blog from "York Street Official Response" came from him. Here's the victims thoughts on the subject along with the facts:

    1) When I and my fellow contractors are paid the approximately $600, 000.00 owed to us (spanning as much as 2 years or more), then you can make the claims your response infers. As for communications and names; you've been communicated with so many times without response it's frightening. As for names, look at the hundreds of invoices and statements we've sent you over time instead of putting the in the garbage. Have a look at your accounts payable records, if you bother to records your debts properly.

    2) Why did so many of the Investors lose their house to repossession? Why did you not pay the mortgages even after the Tenants paid you the rent? You want to communicate with the Investors?
    Why don't you return their calls, tell them the truth and get their money and credit ratings back?

    3) Why have tenants lived in sub-standard, un-repaired conditions? Worse yet, why have tenants been evicted from their homes because you haven't paid the mortgages? Why haven't you been truthful with the tenants from the very beginning of their contract, when you said they could buy the house on a rent-to-own basis - that's purely untrue and fraudulent, in fact.

    No doubt you've always hoped that all the parties you have been cheating and lying to would never get together. Well guess what - WE HAVE !

    Sir, these acts have been going on since 2006 and earlier. This is not something you can blame on the economy - you only have yourself to blame for your dishonesty and your lack of respect for other people.

    The BBB has at least 8 serious complaints against your firm and your status with them has been revoked.

    The Attorney General is now receiving named complaints.

    Banking Regulators and Lenders are also investigating with named complaints.

    Local and national media is being briefed on the investigation by named sources.

    Thank Heavens to the person who started this blog and the person who started the YSP VICTIMS GROUP - we applaud you for your efforts and persistence. However, this group is now about ALL the injured members, not a single "provocateur" as you suggest. You and your companies names are permanently defamed and besmirched - YOU HAVE NOBODY TO BLAME BUT YOURSELF.

    We either want financial reimbursement, or you in jail where you can't hurt any more hard working Americans!

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  • La
      Sep 18, 2009


    Federal charges have now been filed against Lance Puig and his operating companies.

    SEE MORE HERE (6 pages of comments):

    More local, state and federal charges in the works.

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  • La
      Sep 19, 2009
    York Street Properties - CROOKS - GO HERE FOR MORE INFO
    York Street Properties
    100 Crescent Court #700
    United States
    Phone: [protected]


    Go here for more information. 6 pages of comments, links and information as of this writing

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  • Da
      Sep 22, 2009

    It's about time somebody filed a Federal lawsuit. Bravo !!!

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  • Da
      Sep 22, 2009

    BBB has determined, after extensive investigation, that York Street Properties is a "rotten egg" that doesn't deserve your business.

    York Street Properties has refused, to date, to remove the BBB seal from their website. Apparently, they are still looking for unsuspecting victims who don't prepare themselves with adequate research.

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  • Yo
      Oct 08, 2009

    York Street Properties is committed to providing cash flow for investors and a unique buying opportunity for the credit-challenged. Our goal is to turn families into homeowners while providing the highest quality of service possible.

    We always welcome anyone with an outstanding issue to call us, and have a 24-hour live answering service dedicated to that purpose. Over the past three weeks, a number of York Street clients have made contact with us regarding issues that we worked diligently (and successfully) to resolve as quickly as possible. We encourage anyone with any concerns or issues to contact us directly.

    Given York Street’s commitment to collaborative and cooperative issue resolution, we believe the recent series of negative comments posted online at various sites is untruthful, intended to damage the reputation of York Street Properties, and is therefore libelous. After conducting extensive research into the claims made in the online posts, we believe the claims to be illegitimate, as evidenced by the following:

    • Tenants mentioned could not be identified or had no outstanding issues with York Street Properties.
    • Appraisers had no part in writing the self-incriminating posts alleged to be written by “real” appraisers.
    • Investors were surprised when made aware of the claims, dismissing the allegations as “bizarre” and “suspect.”
    • Vendors associated with our company said they were contacted by anonymous troublemakers asking for information that could be used to harm York Street.
    • The condition of each property is being scrutinized more than ever in this tight lending environment. Claims that remodel work was somehow sub-par would be impossible to get accepted through a bank’s strict underwriting. No bank will lend thousands of dollars to investors unless the collateral is in good shape.

    We would like to publicly thank our many customers, investors, tenants, and vendors who have stood by York Street Properties while someone has stolen our proprietary customer data and is using it to attempt character assassination.

    York Street Properties has retained legal counsel to represent its interests in these matters. We have begun the process of determining the identities of the authors of the libelous posts and those actors attempting to unlawfully disparage our company. If necessary, York Street is committed to spending time and resources to utilize the full extent of the legal system to protect itself by, if necessary, bringing suit against the perpetrators.

    As always, we welcome potential clients to research York Street Properties before doing business with us. In doing so, please be informed of the following:

    1. Beware of unofficial, unaudited, unreliable websites that claim they are dedicated to providing an outlet for disgruntled customers. This news report will explain why such sites are misleading at best, untrustworthy at worst:
    2. Understand that the Better Business Bureau is not a government regulatory organization, but rather a privately held company with little oversight and no due process to correct false or libelous reports. More information can be found here:

    York Street Properties has posted testimonials from tenants, investors, tradesmen, and vendors that are available at and that we encourage you to read in order to obtain a balanced view of our service.

    During this process York Street Properties will strive to continue to bring value to its clients and customers by remaining committed to the highest standard of transparency and integrity.

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  • Mi
      Oct 27, 2009
    York Street Properties - Due Diligence a MUST before doing business with York Street Properties
    York Street Properties
    100 Crescent Court
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Do a Google search with the keywords "york street properties reviews" if you are considering doing business with York Street Properties.

    This is very interesting information and should be enough to help any wise business person start their due diligence.

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  • Fa
      Aug 26, 2011

    Ponzie Scam and other related allegations are underway to address the overwhelming complaints about York Street Street Properties and its owner, Lance Winston Puig. Allegations have been made by Investors, Lenders, Tenants, Rent-to-Own Occupants, and Service Providers that are being taken seriously by the Dallas public.

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