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XM / SCAM!!!

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Phone: 800-xmradio

The receiver "pitch" is a scam. You will not ever get a person in the United States through customer service. And don't bother to explain because they cannot understand. While they seem nice enough, they just can't understand. XM took a very happy customer and wiped it all away in a 38 minute phone call. DON'T BUY INTO IT!!! Never give them your credit card. Require paper billing. Even then, you have no idea just what is to come. It is so sad that this is what America's service industry has come to.

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  • Je
      17th of Jun, 2016
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    XM - Screwing me out of $100
    United States

    I pay for XM's weather service every year in 2004. It is $100 a month. At the end of each season I call in to deactivate it and you tell them it's the end of the season (storm chasing season in my case). You tell them end of season so that they will waive the activation fee the next spring when you reactivate. Well those [censored]s got my credit card information wrong and said they cancled my service for nonpayment two days before I called in and said "end of season" so now they refuse to reactivate my weather product this year unles I pay them an additional $100 activation fee. This is like the tenth time I've had serious issues with them. Their billing department is an absolute joke. They have screwed up more times than I care to recount. If I had any choice I would absolutely NEVER use their service again. Plus when you call in to complain the customer service center is in Jamaica and you can't even understand the *** guy. I explained the situation to them several times and explained how I did nothing wrong and it was their mistake for changing my billing address, but they refuse to waive the activation fee. I absolutely hate XM. Never use them if you are considering it. My family all has XM radios and each one of them has had different issues with their billing department too. It's not uncommon.

  • Ma
      17th of Jun, 2016
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    XM - Erroneous billing
    United States

    In May 2010 I bought an XM radio and I signed up for and paid in full for the negotiated price ($450) for Lifetime XM Everything and the Best of Sirius. Then I got a bill for more than what was negotiated and the bill did not reflect my original "payment in full". Contacted the company numerous times, never got the problem resolved. Fianlly paid $119 more than was negotiated and was assured that would be the end of it. All through out this process I was getting multiple recorded messages threatening to suspend my service. Then I got another bill showing that they not only did not acknowledge my first payemnt, but now they didn't acknowledge the second payment either and were charging additional fees on top of that! I have sent them two faxes and now letters showing them credit card statements showing that XM charged my accounts. Now I'm awaiting to see if my letters sent to the XM Billing, the XM CEO and XM CFO and the Better Business Bureau alert them that they have a major problem with their billing department.

  • Al
      17th of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    just pay $77 per year (i do), satellite radio wont be around much longer...

  • Du
      17th of Jun, 2016
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    XM - Statement
    South Carolina
    United States


    I have recently tried using XM radio and have been extremely dissatisfied with their customer service. I was referred to your site by a friend, but I am not sure this is something you would handle... but I don't know what else to do at this point. (This is a money matter, I promise.)

    On February 26, 2010, I signed up for XM for 3 years. I was assured by the nice lady on the phone that they would be sending me a copy of my statement (showing everything for which I had just signed up) by mail and I would receive it within 5-9 business days.

    Fast forward to 3 weeks ago. I realized I had never received said statement and started calling XM for help. I was told that they could not provide a statement by fax or email, but would mail one to my address listed. A few days after that, I received a copy of a *bill* in the mail for one month's payment and not a *statement* like I had specifically requested. I call back again. I tell them what happened, making sure to specify (again) what exactly I meant by *statement.* They assured me they would send one to me, as there is no way to view any of this information online. They also said I could contact XM by email and someone would get back to me. Guess what: I never received any kind of response from my email and I received another copy of one month’s *bill* in the mail a few days later.

    I called again once I received this second bill. They said they could not provide any kind of statement, their system wouldn’t allow it. Then, I got my company’s (well, my dad’s company, really… I do work there, though) marketing manager (and unofficial bill collector) to help me call them. She gets a lot of information, gets transferred too many times to count, but we think we’ve finally gotten the problem solved. However, I was so fed up with the company by this point, she calls right back to help me cancel my account with them. One week later, I receive *two* copies of the exact same month’s *bill* in the mail as I had received two times before already.

    Yesterday, I called again. My phone history shows I called at: 3:12, 3:32, 3:38, 3:43, 3:44, and 3:55. I had been hung up on so many times that I was not going to let this go. On that last call, I eventually reach someone named Jennifer. I promised her I was not going to hang up until I got what I wanted, that I had absolutely nothing better to do that day, and that I would continue to call back (on their 1800 #’s dime) every single time I got hung up on every single day for as long as it took. My dad was with me on the phone this last time. At first, she said that XM could not provide me a copy of a *statement* what-so-ever. My father (20-year+ successful business owner) assures her that this is illegal. For the next 43 minutes and 58 seconds, she actually listens to us and doesn’t “transfer” us to yet another person (we always get “accidently” dropped during transfers). At one point, she is able to give me the amounts listed on her system of every payment I made, but every number she gives is wrong. Why does their system show incorrect numbers??? In the end, she is able to provide me with most of the information I am requesting, though she cannot send this to me by email or fax (I am still waiting to see what comes in the mail). But, because I am NOT going to hang up until I get what I legally am due, I am able to get her to read to me allowed a few figures. I *finally* know the amount of my activation fee! Success! I still will not be provided any information regarding how they came up with the amount returned to my credit card (I paid a total of $655.68 and was refunded $466.09 for 3 months of service... well, 2/26-very early June).

    I realize that at a few points during my calls with XM that I could have been more polite and could have taken a different approach with them, but the more I think about it, the more I realize how wrong they were/are for hanging up on me so many times, for lying to me so many times, for not receiving any kind of email response like I had requested, and for NOT wanting to let me know the information on my statement (yes, Jennifer did eventually give this information to me, but it is very clear that she was not supposed to).

    What can I do from here? Do you have ANY suggestions on where to complain or how to get the rest of the information I am looking for (that is, why they refunded the amount they did)? I know I’m young. I realize that my dad being a business-owner does not make him all-knowing on all things business. I DO know that their business practices are wrong. I DO know that I am extremely upset by all of this. Please, please, please… let me know where to go from here.

    Call Log:
    (This is as far back as my phone would go)
    06/01/10 @ 2:20pm: 8:06 (minutes and seconds)
    06/10/10 @ 12:04pm: 15:04
    06/10/10 @ 12:19pm: 0:14
    06/10/10 @ 12:20pm: 0:17
    06/10/10 @ 12:20pm: 38:44
    06/10/10 @ 12:59pm: 44:29
    06/14/10 @ 3:35pm: 40:53
    06/21/10 @ 3:12pm: 20:11
    06/21/10 @3:32pm: 5:16
    06/21/10 @ 3:38pm: 5:16
    06/21/10 @ 3:43pm: 0:45
    06/21/10 @ 3:44pm: 5:37
    06/21/10 @ 3:50pm: 43:58

    *Total time spent on the phone w XM in June alone: 223 minutes and 350 seconds. You do the math.
    Or, as I prefer to think of it: Total amount of time that XM has to pay for on their 1-800 line!


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