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Dear sirs,

I had registered to trade with XFOREX about a month ago and was coerced
by one of the staff over the telephone to deposit USD 1000.00
I then had transferred USD 1000.00 into my XFOREX account

After I had transferred the money, a technical errors occurred whereby there were a sudden unauthorized transaction happening in my trading account

After the money was transferred I had received several phone calls from XFOREX staff to stard trading
But I told them that I have to start practising on the DEMO account first
before I could do trading because I had no experience trading FOREX before but she insisted that I do trading and that she would not help me with the Demo account to practise.

I then told her that I will surely lose all the money and got burnt because of lack of experience

I then decided to withdraw all funds from my trading account
. The money was withdrawn on the 24/08/2010

Today 30/08/2010 the money is still not being transferred into my bank account
and when I tried to contact XFOREX I was being loggedf off from the website and no has no means of contacting them.

Any help would be most appreciated

Thank you

Yours sincerely,

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