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I purchased property in April 2012, I then planned a vacation in Bonnett Creek for Christmas then decided to leave and go to Pompano Beach on the 28th thru Jan. 1st. I paid $30 to make the reservation. (I have never missed a MONTHLY PAYMENT OR MAINTENANCE FEES). I then was sent a a confirmation notice with a confirmation number and downloaded the paper for my files. I then purchased airline tickets for five people, bought NBA tickets and Disney tickets, and assumed vacation is all set. . Everyone is excited and looking forward to going. I then go on line to make reservation for Hawaii for 2013, and realize my Pompano Beach reservation is canceled. I still have the Bonnett Creek and Hawaii trip. I was told an employee named Joel canceled the Pompano Beach leg of the trip. He is claiming he called somebody but do not remember who, and they told him to cancel just Pompano Beach ( a resort that is now booked up). I wrote letters and sent them certified to CEO Hanning and got no response from his office.The nice young lady Jessica tried to help but she could only offer me a one bedroom, which is not enough to accommodate four adults and one child. It was suppose to be escalated but I have not heard from anyone. I am beginning to think this is a scam and I am very disappointed with this vacation resort, why book a vacation to have someone at corporate cancel it because Wyndham overbooked.

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      Jan 24, 2008
    Wyndham Vacation Resort - Unauthorized charges!
    Wyndham Vacation Resort

    I made a big mistake purchased those credit on that night and now facing a difficulty terminate the contract within 7 days which basically not enough time. Don’t get persuade into buying, you might think on that time offer is good especially “Lifetime” membership but after you doing the calculation you wouldn’t use 15000 dollars on accommodation. They try convince you that you won’t have worries about inflation in the future. “NEVER GET INFLUENCE”... Word of advice the gift not worth it and waste of your time...

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