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Bascially Stolen Goods,

Viaddress is jsut another scam website committing mail fraud, here goes Emotiv the manufacturer of Neuro Headset bascially mind control for your PC. Was sent and arrived at Viaddress which arrived on the 4th of January 2011 and signed from CASSI KNUTSON. Please see attached UPS " Proof Of Delivery" now here comes the funny parts, firstly it did not appear on the website shipping manager untill requested froma support ticket after we could prove arrival. Then I paid for what i believed my headset but no, VIADDRESS scams me again by sending a Samsung Mobile Phone Bluetooth EarPiece.. Again since this no response and now there US phone number reports being disconnected no one can respond to any suport ticket now for over 3 days.

So then My Emotiv Headset appears in Viaddress shipping manager so then I paid for shipping get it sent on its way and nothing ever arrives. Now My item disappears ont ehre website. It appears they have jsut stolen my goods.

So off I went now this is a open case with the U.S Postal Inspection Service and the Indiana Police.
I would hope no one else would use there services or meet there scam, now Iam left with telling a disabled person he carnt have a computer or mobility in his home. Well at least hundreds and soon thousand will here what these people have done and to a person whom is recently a Quadriplegic and affected by the Floods. Not to mention the cost to replace if its possible.

For Shame, I hope now you think stealing what you think is a toy can affect someone else life.

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