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www.indiafilings.com / Unprofessional and awful company

6, Dhanammal StreetChetpet, India Review updated:
I tried to deal with the company www.indiafilings.com. I asked for help with my tax and filled a lot of papers. But the rep was real jerk, ‘coz he had no idea what we needed to do and how to solve the problem. After he collected all papers from me, he asked me to wait. After that I heard nothing from this stupid rep. A well as no help and no idea what to do now. Please, help me.
May 5, 2015


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  17th of Jun, 2015
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extremely unprofessional approach...nobody is aware of process and what to do, making simple things complicated, one way communication, no customer can reach them easily
  30th of Oct, 2017
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  8th of Jul, 2015
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Dear User,

Please provide your name, phone and email to info@indiafilings.com. So our Customer Care team can get in touch with you and resolve the issue.

Customer Care
  16th of Dec, 2015
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Totally agree with what the person has said highly unprofessional company waste of time and money.
  30th of Oct, 2017
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@prashant37 agree with you
  21st of Mar, 2016
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Yes Indiafilings is a waste of hard earned money and time. I am also trying to get my money's worth by trying the second time as I have paid money. Last time they wasted 3 months of mine and I gave up. Now again they have wasted over 1 month and result is the same. I will not give up this time. I want my entire package as promised. First the company.
  1st of Jun, 2016
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Indiafiling is the worst company we have ever faced. They are unprofessional, irresponsible useless and fraud. In the month of December 2015 I paid the required amount to get our firm incorporated. It has been six months and we are getting nothing except stupid excuses from the irresponsible staffs of of indiafiling.
I request India filing to return my money or get the work done in coming 7 days.
  11th of Jul, 2016
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Indiafiling people are fraud! I used their services for FSSAI registration. They claim to do it in 15 days. Even after immediately providing the full documents and information, they have no idea what to do. For more than 27 days, there hasn't been contact with them. They only called to get payment and do not complete the work. They also disconnect the call when we are trying to talk to them and ask them about it to avoid the issue all together. There isn't a single company which takes 15 damn minutes to put through a customer care representative who themselves is clueless. I want a full refund from Indiafilings!

  22nd of Jul, 2016
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Based on my current Private ltd company registration (July 2016) via INDIAFILINGS, I strongly recommend entrepreneurs to opt for INDIAFILINGS to get timely and hassle free company registration. I visited their Chennai office on June 29, 2016 and got my company incorporated on July 15, 2016. I personally thank Mr. Ranjith Kumar (Business Development) and Ms. Shaira (Relationship Manager) for their apt and patient response each time. I am currently proceeding with next steps namely PAN and TAN registration.
  4th of Apr, 2017
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@Magesh R Really? I have given them the documents and it's been three months.
They dont even answer email or phone call.
I have given them the money and I know they wont do the company registration by now. I am even finding it difficult to atleast get my DSC back.
  24th of Aug, 2017
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@veds Same here, I am finding it difficult to at least get my DSC back. even I will have to pay the penalty for late filing now as they have not filed but taken INR 19899 from me.

Stay away from fraud company.
  1st of Dec, 2016
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This is an absolute fraud company. I have given my company trademark for registration and it's been 3 months now that these fools are making me call them and mail and now I am going to lodge an official complaint, and not just will i make sure my amounts refunded but will make sure that the company is shut and they repay everyone else they have to. i am surprised what the government cyber fraud departments Doing. wake up guys. time to show them the true picture.
  6th of Mar, 2017
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“Don't get trapped by the false promisses by their Marketing executive, they are cheat”

We purchased there service package to from LLP after understanding the process and making sure that we are fulfilling the requirements, the business executive of Indiafilings.com misguided us to sale the package of there service.
They cheated us by providing false info just to sale there package.
  4th of Jun, 2017
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This company is totally Fraud company, customer service is more than worst, no response to any mails to the info@indiafilings.com or to their customer / finance team. Its has been more than a month and still chasing them to get my amount refunded, but whenever I called them, they usually makes lame excuses that you will get the refund in next 2-3 days and when try to connect to their finance team for more info they would casually say we will try to process you request maybe in next week, but that week never comes its just get post-pond to another and it goes on...

Really unprofessional & fraud company.
  18th of Jun, 2017
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A set of cheaters running this company. They have taken my money but never completed my work. Also they kept some unprofessional, irresponsible rude customer Manager ladies, who doesn't have manners to behave with customer. Even after several mail they will not response to you. So friends while paying for some service take from your known sources. You can save your hard earned money.
  29th of Jul, 2017
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Indiafilings has the most incapable, unskilled, and unprofessional set of employees. My experience of working with them has been really bad and I have wasted my money and time like anything with their useless team.
1. No follow-up on any action item for application filing or assistance with your regulator work. One has to constantly push them, call them, or email them. Still they will fail to deliver. Actions stay pending forever.
2. Their sales team will chase you to sign up with them by showing rosy pictures and their operations team is completely opposite with no experience or knowledge on handling their specific area/segment. Either they will not work or keep sending you irrelevant information.
3. Managers and Supervisors are equally pathetic where they are unable to follow up with their team on required actions. As a result of which a customer has to wait endlessly and no work will be done.

  24th of Aug, 2017
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I am finding it difficult to at least get my DSC back. even I will have to pay the penalty for late filing now as they have not filed but taken INR 19899 from me.
Stay away from fraud company.
  26th of Sep, 2017
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India Filings is a cheater company. They are not even responding to the Emails. They promise to complete before we pay, After that they never respond.

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