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United States

Healthgrades, Subsidiary from Denver, CO. Represents ASPEN DENTAL in Laconia, NH .
There are offices and Manchester, Keene, Lebanon, etc. I would trust a site that was updated to trust the office here. IN that, I checked Manchester and other offices and there were no complaints.
While I was signed into their site, they do not have Aspen Dental, Keene. They also have a list of number or feedback, not pro or con. Starts everyone with 3/2 but ins't updated. Sorry, just seems like that to me, after years of service, all these places are good, and not perfect.
They are misleading, and Aspen Dental is spreading without check from this company not keeping the Laconia, NH site up to par. Enough time already. !!
You load of complaints has lead me to believe this site is damaging to the trust we give the feedback we read. With no complaints and they should at least "LINK" your site to it. I could have used your site in June 2014. I would not be researching complaints against Aspen Dental and NOW I find your site.
I do believe you could have a task force police the wagon that popup in the morning to service you with a Doctor. Than all you have to do it list it on you website. Good luck, thank you, joat

Jul 5, 2015

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