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Je Sep 19, 2015 Fort Myers, FL Review updated:

I tried to send money to Europe to put a deposit for a dog but they took the money out of my account but never disbursed it to the receiver . After more than 10 Emails, multiple open cases, ther never did anything else than to keep my money. They used every excuses, proof of ID, need to talk to me etc., which I comply with everytime but still they kept my money. Til this day I'm out of more than $500 dollars and I'm still trying to get my money back. This company is a TOTAL SCAM, they also gave me fake phone numbers etc.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • WorldRemit Customer Care's Response, Sep 21, 2015

    Hi Jenny, we're happy to confirm that this issue has now been resolved. One of our Customer Care team dropped you a line yesterday to confirm the details, and we'll also give you a call to make sure you're happy with the outcome.

    Kind regards,

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  • Pa
      Aug 15, 2018
    WorldRemit - Remit money lost
    United States

    Lost 304 money that my friend need refund to my debit card urgent matter thanks you that he would much appreciate back.

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  • Mo
      Aug 16, 2018
    WorldRemit - My Account is Disabled for no reason! Massive inconvenience
    Melbourne, Victoria

    I made my account on this day 7th of June. Then I sent money to my online buyer. After that the money was deducted from my account and transaction number given to me. However, I received an email 10 minutes later saying that my account is disabled. I have no idea what happened can you please let me know

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  • Ro
      Aug 20, 2018
    World Remit - activating my account
    United States

    Hello I am having trouble to activate my accounts with world remit Please solve this for me so I can send money. I have an account with world remit and it is now disabled I want to activate my account. mCan U help to activate the account I have? I need to hear from U. I am deaf can't hear. send by email to [protected]@gmail.. Thank U.

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  • Ja
      Aug 20, 2018
    WorldRemit - account disabled
    United States

    my account has been disabled by worldremit and no email was recieved concerning the money i sent my brother.
    are they trying to take my money or what.
    They should better send me back my money.
    this is pretty bad for such a big company.

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  • Ma
      Aug 21, 2018
    WorldRemit - Transaction No 144WR25196762, recipient Theophilus Tibila , Accra /Ghana

    yesterday i had been sended 250€ to Ghana.

    The recipient said today to me the bank had said no transaction found under
    this Transaction No and the provider recipient !!

    Please give me an answer soon because Mr. Tibila is already waiting of the money.

    By the way the amount had debited from bank account.

    Thank you for your answer

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  • Ru
      Aug 28, 2018 - 459.00
    United States

    Sent Maduekwe Onyema $450.00 this morning and he has not received it. My bank card was charged over 668 . It was shown on is account $1.27, 2 different times because i had tried 3x just to sent 450. The contry is Nigeria. He received $2.54 and $668 or something like that was taken out of my account

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  • To
      Aug 29, 2018
    WorldRemit - Money transfer and recipient didn't get the money.
    Buckingham gate,London
    United Kingdom

    So 100 pounds was transferred from London to Nigeria, worldremit debited the money, recipient in Nigeria didnt get the money and account was suspended.This is fraud ! Do something about this or better still refund the money.The customer care has been contacted but they didn't mention anything about the suspended account or about the money.

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  • Fr
      Sep 01, 2018 - this people are theft
    United Kingdom

    if you can authories my transaction then send my money back to my account are you people crazy world remit send my money back. you liars send my money back they are heartless and brutal send my money back

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  • Fl
      Sep 01, 2018 - Money send

    I made a transfer December 20, 2017
    But we havnt recieve a confirmation until now. what happen to my money. We badly need the money.


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  • Ch
      Sep 05, 2018
    WorldRemit - transfer is not delivered
    United Kingdom

    I sent fund to indonesia on october 7, 2017 and today November 19, 2017 the recipients claimed that they dont receive the money and world remit never send me the MT103 code that the recipient bank requested.
    avoid this world remit .

    My transaction Number: [protected]

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  • Sh
      Sep 10, 2018
    WorldRemit - Mobile money

    CaSh was sent to my number in tanzania +[protected], shepherd mporogomyi, i have not received until now, please make neccessary ammendments so i may receive immediately, it was sent from upendo jordan in united kingdom, amount was 50, 000 tanzania shillings

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  • Mo
      Sep 18, 2018 - Money transfer

    Case number:[protected]
    Customer I'd :WR2289371
    Thanx I'd :[protected]

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  • Ma
      Oct 14, 2018
    WorldRemit - Too late transfer

    May i ask why until now, i don‘t receive yet the money transfered by Jörg Böhringer to my BDO Bank Account.

    TRANSACTION# 493991201205BB0A5BF-08F7

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  • Om
      Oct 15, 2018
    WorldRemit - Poor activation makes u poorfinancial networking
    United States

    You got poor conecton for new caatomers. How wolud you let me fail time and again saying that the link is expired. Try hard to improve your web to get more people on ur platform.

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  • Sk
      Oct 15, 2018
    WorldRemit - transferred money has not been transferred to my account

    my friend has transferred money through world remit on the 19th sept 2018 from UK to Bangladesh . i have received the acknowledgement text in my mobile that the money has been credited in my bank account on the same day . but still i haven't received that money . The transaction Reference no is [protected] . please assist me on this concern

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  • Ir
      Oct 16, 2018 - live chat

    I couldn't find the live chat page from the website. I have problem on uploading my ID and I tried to contact the customer care but nobody responded, Am very disappointed. This service is NOT reliable.

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  • Sa
      Oct 21, 2018
    WorldRemit - Account been suspended
    United Kingdom

    My name is Samuel Donkor I just signup to send money to my wife in Ghana but I got email that I didn't meet the requirements so my account has suspended I don't know why

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  • Sc
      Oct 27, 2018
    Worldremit - I am making a complaint
    New Zealand

    Michelle here I am reporting the lady who served me on.the phone as she says I wont get my 15.00 back from nigeria cause its in nigerian money is there no possible way to get it back into my acount here is the transaction number the lady said it wss already paid over there what can get it back thar was on Monday queens birthday

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  • Bu
      Nov 01, 2018
    Worldremit - Sending money
    United States

    On May 1 I sent 275.00 to Ghana I realized I made a mistake and cancelled my transaction I then again on May 5th I tried to resend and was told my account was suspended and they refuse to reopen it after a hour on hold on the phone their customer service sucks as well as their policys

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  • Br
      Nov 04, 2018
    WorldRemit - I am a complainer
    United States

    I was told I have a scam alert on my name please I am a customer to this company for over 3 years now and one person will just come out to complain to me and you stopped me from receiving money please this is embarrassing and humiliatinga make sure you open my name back or I will live this site

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  • Ge
      Nov 11, 2018 - Money Transfer

    I sent money to Tanzania till now the Money has't received

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