World Wide Speed Post / SCAM!!!

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I have just experienced the same thing, I had an item for sell advertised on Gumtree!
Number 1 rule always follow your gut feeling.
If someone shows an interest in something you are selling, is very keen and not remotely interested in viewing before purchase be weary, If they then say they will send the money straight away via Paypal and you must give them your Paypal email & home address for shipping- this is a scam!!! You will then receive a further email saying that they have made the payment including the extra money for shipping & delivery of the item. You will possibly receive these so-called Paypal emails via your junk inbox asking you also to make the shipping payment to western union and also stating that Paypal are 'holding funds until item is sent'
Luckily i looked up the shipping agent and realised it was a scam, apparently once you make the payment to western union the scammer will then withdraw from buying the item and then you will find out that the delivery & shipping is NON- EXISTENT!!!

The SCAMMER that contact me was called CLAIRE LORNA!!!

Dec 02, 2013

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