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I intended to apply for graduate program at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University via worldwide campus for which they require evaluation of academic credentials through a list of service providers amongst them being WES (World Education Services) NY.

Therefore, I chose WES and submitted my application online on 13 Apr 2011 for course by course evaluation and paid $160 fee plus additional $35 for their ICAP service.

In accordance with their requirement for Pakistani Degrees, I sent WES a sealed envelope from Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan containing attested copies of the following degrees

1) Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace) from NUST, Pakistan (1999)

2) MBA (Marketing) from Preston Institute of Management Sciences & Technology (PIMSAT), 2003

3) MS (Mechatronics Engineering) from Air University, Pakistan, (2010)

WES confirmed receiving the above credentials via email on April 21, 2010. On April 25, I received a notification from WES that my evaluation has been completed and to my utter shock the evaluation was as follows:

Your PIMSAT MBA degree holds No Academic Value. (CASE CLOSED)

I filed for a review of my application on April 25, stating if my MBA degree holds no academic value, WES has not granted me evaluation for my BE degree from NUST and MS degree from Air University, therefore, how can my case be closed?

My File was under review for a few days after which I received a reply on May 6, 2011.

Dear Mr. KHAN

This is in response to your recent communication regarding the evaluation completed on April 25, 2011.

It is the policy of our organization not to include in the same evaluation report academic credentials from bonafide institutions and documents of no academic values. If you want want your credentials from NUST & Air University to be evaluated you need to re-apply (new application and a second payment of the basic fee are required).

We would like to stress that evaluations prepared by World Education Services are offered as advisory opinions and, as such, they are not binding upon any institution or organization.


Director of Evaluations

All said and done, I would like the Director of Evaluation (WES) to explain the following:-

(a) No where while filing the 1st application it was ever clarified that if any one degree among the credentials submitted was deemed to be of no academic value, the fee would have to be repaid to get the others evaluated separately.

(b) Neither has WES published a list of institutions which it considers granting degrees of no academic value in order to forewarn its customers not to submit degrees from those institutions.

(c) Among the three degrees submitted, WES can easily omit the one bearing no academic value in its evaluation report so that the customer atleast has an evaluation report containing the others for which he has paid for in the first place!


My case in totality has been narrated before all. Please avoid choosing WES under all circumstances for academic credentials evaluation. They are nothing but ripoffs and should be banned by all educational institutes and US authorities for treating their customers the way I have been dealt with. Thank you for your patient listening and hearing.


Omar Khan
Rawalpindi, Pakistan

World Education Services (WES) NY

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  • We
      May 09, 2011

    We are very sorry for the frustration Mr. Khan experienced during his WES application process. We are always looking for ways to improve the application experience and will take the above feedback to help us with this process. His comments have been forwarded to a customer service manager, who will be working with him offline to resolve this issue.

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  • Ol
      Jan 30, 2012

    And I would be very interested to hear from Mr Khan on HOW (and if at all) this particular matter has been resolved. I am looking forward to having my issue with WES resolved too .. thanks, Omar

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  • Uk
      Feb 07, 2012

    I too, can testify to WES' very special way of handling foreign credentials evaluations. They were simply unable to grasp that neither the institutions were I studied/graduated twenty-five years ago, nor my country are still in existence. For that reason, and going by their books, I could not provide original transcripts in sealed envelopes. I have current letters and verifications from the government confirming these facts but they were of no interest to WES. After several weeks' of repeated explanations, phonecalls, etc., they eventually refunded part of their hefty fee, less an "administrative fee". I wonder what for. Lowest possible service.

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  • Ar
      Jul 02, 2016

    Thanks for the great info I have studied in pimsat but I'll avoid to go through the Wes

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