Woolworths Money Prepaid MastercardSmall FIne Print + $150.00 MC actually $149.90 (in one transaction)

I was give a Woolworths Money Prepaid MasterCard to the value of $150.00 for Christmas. I decided what I wanted to purchase, a Seagate Backup HDD with a valu of $175.00. I told the checkout chick to use up the prepaid Mastercard to the tune of what I thought was $150.00 and the balance on my Visa Card.
To my disgust, the Prepaid MasterCard was rejected so I could not use it. After calling Woolworth on [protected] to investigate, I found out that my $150.00 Prepaid MasterCard was only worth $149.90 as there is a $0.10 transaction fee.
I checked the fine print on the card packaging and there in tiny writing (I had to use a magnifying glass): Transaction Fee = $0.10 per transaction.
My beef? These Fees and charges, especially to the user should be in larger writing and not hidden away in the fine print.
Another trick by a shonky retailer that cannot lie straight in bed!!

Dec 30, 2014

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