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Woolworths Coolum Park Qld / Front service counter - manager tahne oehlman

1 Coolum Beach, Queensland, Australia
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Sat 5/11 - I went to get my smokes from the service Counter, i stood and waited whilst she had a private conversation with the person in front of me. When she finally decided to acknowledge me and scanned my smokes I noticed a significant rise in the price. I asked why they had gone up so much - considering for the 18mnths I have been paying between $19.95 and $22.50 including price rises today they scanned at $25.65??the express IGA is cheaper than you now and that's saying something. I like anyone else would ask a question. It's ridiculous we as smokers have to wear so many gov taxes throughout the year and to have another rise higher than any gov tax I've paid for 18mnths yeh I'm going to be pretty annoyed. I tried to explain between her cutting me off with your standard comments "they must of been on sale " - I said so your saying my smokes have been on sale for over a year ? I didn't get the whole sentance out before she told me about the government price rise in Sep - again I said yep I used to pay 20.95 in Sep they went up to $22.50 again she interrupted me but what annoyed me the most was when she turned to walk away prior to the end of the conversation she says " well I don't make the prices LOVE " !!! Are you serious ?? Love ?? I worked in customer service for a very long time and I'm a territory manager now and never once have I 1. Turned my back on a customer but 2. Called anyone Love.. I've been shopping at Coolum Woolworths for well over a year and everyone is lovely and so polite but this so called manager has ruined that reputation for your store. I'm from Melb and the one thing I appriciated about the sunny coast was the old school charm it still had customer service was still shown by everyone. Being a manager and having younger staff lead by example is the really the example you want them following. I don't ever complain to companies by this particular incident really made me frustrated and angry. Respect your elders number one but seriously learn some real customer service skills if your going to be the face of a store.
You think in a mangement role you would like to be prepared for your shift and maybe find out if there were any price rises or other issues the could arise with customers throughout the shift. Maybe then you wouldn't need to bring out your attitude and rudeness.
Me in her situation in order to diffuse the situation would have said to the person in front of me it does seem a little odd I'll have to look into it.
And to be honest I would probley look into it because to me it does seem stranger to have a rise of over $4 in 2 months. I don't know maybe I'm strange actually having some sort of idea about what's actually happening within my company and asking questions if something seems to be wrong.
I really don't need attitude from some smart mouth 20 something manager when I go to the supermarket, as a customer I have a right to ask questions . She is a bad example for your younger staff and she needs a couple of customer service lessons from pretty much every other staff member you have a Coolum Woolworths. If you don't want to work at Woolies go get a job somewhere else because I as a customer and I'm sure many other customers don't want to be on the end of your rude negative attitude.

Nov 4, 2016

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