Woodsprings Suitesfalse accusations/going through luggage

Dear Sir/Madam,

On 11/22/2018 (Thanksgiving) I stayed at Woodspring Suites for 1 night. Upon arrival, I reserved and additional night and was charged at the completion of registration. The following day, 11/23/2018, I left my room prior to 8:00 a.m. I was contacted by Woodspring Suites prior to noon informing me that I missed 11:00 a.m. check-out. I informed the staff that I reserved the room for an additional night.
In a very rude tone, she blurted out that my room "reaked' of marijuana. I told her that her accusation was absurd. She distastefully informed me that I was lying and her personal use of marijuana made her an expert on the matter. Then I was told I had two options: ‘I had to tell the truth' or ‘leave the hotel'.

When I returned to hotel minutes after the call, I informed the staff that I was due a refund prior to leaving the hotel. The staff assured me that the second night's charge was only an authorize charge and it would not be debited against me. As I was leaving the desk, I asked if the charge for the second night would be voided and again she said I would not be charged for anything additional.

She had already deactivated my room key and had to reactivate it prior to allowing me to go retrieve my belongings from the room. Once I entered the room, I noticed my luggage had been rummaged through, despite no evidence that cleaning had been conducted. I take pictures of my room and the inside and outside of my luggage at all hotels. There are no circumstances that permit hotel staff to rummage through guest luggage. Additionally, I was provided a full size bed in a room advertised as a queen suite. This is false advertisement.

I have contracted the hotel multiple times and they continue to ignore my concerns regarding a full refund. I was not provided with reasonable care and skill when I was thrown out of the hotel based on false claims and accusations regarding having marijuana in my hotel room. The hotel also charged me for the second night after I was told multiple times there would be no further charges for the room.

It was an implied term of my contract that the accommodations provided would be of a standard of quality reasonable for this hotel. It's also an implied term that the service provided would be done so with reasonable care and skill as required by the [Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982/ Consumer Rights Act 2015.]
Therefore, Woodspring Suites is in breach of contract. As such, I am legally entitled to receive compensation for the poor quality of services.

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