Woodspring Suites / fraudulent charges to the wrong card by staff

14141 daves store ln gainesville,va, United States

They charged the card that was used on the first night several days later and I had to have them refund it. However several days after that they again charged the wrong card and I complained but the desk clerk said I had to wait until monday when dave came back to get the card refunded because they were not supposed to charge that card we instructed them to remove that number from the room bill the first time they charged it by accident. Well now they are telling me that they will not refund the money to the card that they fraudulently charged until the room is paid for by the other card. The problem is they should have never charged that card in the first place. I'm pretty sure that's illegal. I checked out of the room before monday I wasn't aboit to pay to stay in the room for more nights just to catch management at the desk and have them fix the problem. I expect my friends card to be refunded due to the fact that the desk clerk fraudulently charged the room bill to that card when they were told to remove the card from the room and they told us that they removed it yet they are still charging rooms to the account.

Feb 5, 2019

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