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I recently applied for a job over the internet with Woodforest National Bank. I received an email stating that the company wanted to do an over the phone interview. I contacted the company and completed a phone interview and was told that someone would contact me if the company was interested. Literally, a few minutes later I was contacted for a face to face interview. I made it to the interview fifteen minutes early. The interview was conducted sitting in a chair in front of all employees and customers. I will admit that I was a little nervous but confident. After the interview was complete, the representative told me, that she would have to consult with the manager and that she was out of town and would not be back for a couple of days. I just checked my email and to my surprise, I had received a letter from Woodforest National Bank stating that I wasn't a fit for the company. While I don't have a problem with not getting the job, how could you look someone in the face and tell them something that isn't true. She had made her decision long before I left. However, instead of being honest, some story was made up about needing to consult with someone else. I would have rather of been told the truth to my face(I am sorry, you are not a fit for this company) as oppose to being lied to, to my face (my manager is out of town and won't be back for a couple of days). God has a plan, and Woodfoerst wasn't in mine. I can't stand a liar.

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  • Woodforest National Bank has hiring policies to ensure consistent and fair practices are followed when interviewing candidates. If you would like to discuss your experience, please email your contact information to our Recruiting Department at [protected]

    Woodforest is an Equal Opportunity/Male/Female/Disabled/Veteran and Affirmative Action Employer

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