Wix.compremium unlimited plan

I had created a website with wix's free web designer to prepare my site before I payed for a plan to activate it. Once I had, I selected the Premium plan " Unlimited ". The description of the plan stated:
-Unlimited Bandwidth
-10GB of storage
-Connect your domain
-1 Video hour
-Free domain for 1 year
-$300 ads vouchers
-Site boost app-$60 value
-forum builder app-$48 value
Once I had paid for this premium plan, I was not given my free domain, the $300 ads vouchers, nor was a domain connected.
I had emailed support to let them know I did not get the full package plan. A support rep by the name of Einard had replied that I had to pay for the domain and sent me a youtube video how to purchase a domain. I replied to the email stating I had tried everything to get my domain and that the domain was free with the plan and asked this person to help me get it. No response was presented back to me. 2 hrs later i had tried calling Wix, the phone rang twice and was sent to a recording. The recording stated to leave a call back number but no option was given after the recording to do so. I had tried to call back 45 minutes later and this time the phone did not ring, it went straight to the recording. At this time I am furious and emailed Einard back and told this person to cancel my account and put the money back in to the account with a full refund.
12 hrs later I get a response by email from a support member named paige. She had told me that the domain was free and I had to pay for the connection of the domain. She had also told me that if I wanted to cancel, I would have to do it online. I had told her that I will not cancel my account online due to the fact it could be foreseen as forfeit of a refund and told her to give a full refund and failure to do so will lead to legal repercussions also I informed her that the connection of the domain come with the package I purchased and sent her a screen shot of the plan I purchased along with the conformation of the purchase. I had emailed her to cancel my account and give me a full refund which by law is legal, an email is foreseen as a legal document as a legal binding contract. Today I received an email by a support rep named Chris stating I have to pay for the domain and that I could cancel by doing it on the wix website. I am going to press this issue and file a lawsuit for fraud and false advertising.

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