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Windows / Sales Tactics

1 Newark, DE, United States Review updated:

I'll try my best to stick with the facts, and you the reader can form your own opinion. Power Windows & Siding salesman is punctual, does the measurements, and then sits down with me to give me his "sales pitch". In short he leafs through his pamphlet extolling all the incredible virtues of "PWS" windows. What I found interesting is how they "wordsmith", for example they say things like " exlusive patent on slr2700", as if that means anything. Bottom line is that is really their brand of window, and it has their specifications. They say things like "we fill the inside glass with 100% argon volume based, not timer based like the other guys". And I'm thinking, ok how the hell am I going to verify that one ? Then he runs the "our windows are so strong, you can't break them with a brick"...well dude that's the case with most well made, new windows, like Pella. He pushes the "lifetime warranty", and again it's another standard on most reputable companies. And yes he pushed that scare tactic of "we insure our employees on the job"... you wouldn't want to get sued now would you ?

And then the real fun begins when he tells me "Now this isn't meant to be a pressure sale tactic" ... and then he shows me the today price, the 30 day price, and then the 12 month price...and of course the 30 day price is 20% higher and the 30 day price is like 35% higher. And the offer is only good today. As in right now. As in sign away 20, 000 to someone you've never met, aside from the 2+ hours we've spent together. No references to randomly contact. But this isn't pressure, mind you.

Embarrassingly I fell for it. I signed that contract and happily shook his hand and escorted him out the door.

Later that evening I did research on windows in general, and the events that happened. Were there any red flags ? Well one thing that struck me as really odd was that he insisted that I cancel the other window appointments right then & there. And then he said, how about you give me their numbers and I'll cancel them for you. Fortunately I called one of those other numbers & spoke to a competitor, who promptly educated me on PWS tactics. Amazingly she was right on everything he did. Everything. And then when I started walking through the "sales" contract with her she just started laughing. As did I, because it was apparent that this sales guy gouged me. I mean really gouged me. I mean really, really, really gouged me.

The next day I drove to the sales headquarters and provided them with my signed cancelled contract, which voided the deal.

My final thoughts ? Under no circumstances should you allow PWS in your house unless you are an informed buyer. Do your homework. Go to your hardware store & ask questions. Read about windows on the internet. Get other competitor quotes first.

Do I think it's possible to get a great deal with PWS ? Yes I do ... but it is impossible to get a decent deal with them if you don't know anything about windows. The only way you can negotiate with these people is if you are showing them, point blank the prices of other, comparable windows.

They train their sales people well, and have a well polished pressure tactic. Be forewarned. They will take advantage of you given the opportunity. Reminded me of a used car salesman, except buying a car is way easier because at least then I can look at a reliable source of information on what I'm buying.

Good luck.

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  • Al
      17th of Sep, 2011
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    Windows - Unkown and bad person sending email to me
    Ali Yousuf
    Saudi Arabia

    Dear Sir,
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    Your prompt action will be highly appreciated.
    Kindest regards
    Ali Yousuf Al Sawi

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    Subject: Account Alert!
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    Microsoft Corporation
    One Microsoft Way
    Redmond, WA 98052

    Case ID 153114773YXUD9

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