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If this company ever calls you to pay off a debt...don't give them any information! I had a defaulted student loan, through my own fault but was trying to make arrangements through sallie mae to get it paid off. As I got older I was finally starting to try to fix up my credit. My first priority was to get my student loans paid off. Windham Professionals contacted me repeatedly with settlement offers. Finally when I got my tax money I paid them almost $2, 000 to settle my account for good. Three months later, no payment or settlement had been paid. They had no problem taking it out of my account but where it went from there, nobody knows! I have repeatedly called SallieMae as well as Windham Professionals (24 calls to date) to get this issue resolved but am getting nowhere. I reported them to the BBB and they lied about all the information I provided, claiming that my account has been settled. Which is funny because usually when I call they can't even find my account! It has now been 8 months since I made the payment to them and I am still getting nowhere. My next step is to contact a lawyer. So, If these "professionals" contact you...give them nothing!!!

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  • Fr
      Feb 15, 2011

    I am in a similar situation and agreed to let them take $60 out of my account every month and they say the IRS might still garnish my taxes. I don't follow your story kandb520??? Did Windume take part of your taxes or the IRS or did u just settle with Windume and Sallie Mae is saying they didn't receive the money??

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  • Si
      Feb 10, 2013

    Windham Professionals took money out of my account with my permission with a promise of a receipt or an acknowledgement e-mail but to this day I am still waiting. I will check my statements to see if they are still taking the extra money. My wages are being garnished anyway. I saw somewhere where we can qualify for Student Loan Forgiveness; is this a sick joke? I was told by Windham Professionals (who got my information under false identification) that the only way to stop my wages from being garnished is to quit my job. WOW!!! The ones that try so hard are punished while the ones that sit back with their "hands out" are rewarded!! It is really frustrating but God is right here with me. Jeremiah 29:11

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  • Fr
      Jan 07, 2016

    I entered their Rehabilitation program and agreed to paid $300 a month. For over two years, I paid on time and did not miss a payment. Although I was supposed to be out of default in 9 months, when I called I was always told, " we are waiting on approval fro lender" who happened to be AES/PEAA. When I had made 26 payments, I recieved a letter about the Rehab program. I called as was told this was an offer to help me get out of default. I told them I was already in the program. At that point, I was told I had been dropped after 1 month. I asked why they did not let me know I had been dropped and still took my money. They responsed the are no legally obligated to tell me. Now they are ganishing my wages and what started as a $26K student aid debt has balloned to almost $100K. There is no way I will ever be able to pay off the debt and am basically screwed for the rest of my life. Windham "Professionals" is a criminal orgainzation who lie, harrass and threaten people to get access to their accounts so they can steal their money. There are thousands of complaints about them on hundreds of websites, yet they remain in business. That is the real crime.

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