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We purchased a savannah kitten from wild tafari, when he arrived at our place he had bloody diahrea. We phoned to tell them and they told us it was giardia so we had him tested and it was not giardia. They informed us not to take him to the Vet. We did not listen to someone that would tell us not to take a sick cat to see a doctor. When where at the vet's they did an ultrasound and discovered that our cat had genetic Polycystic Kidney Disease and also with an x-ray found that he had inherented lumbar degenerative disease. He was not litter box trained. There answer is to bad you are out of luck it is not our fault. I would seriously reconsider purchasing a savannah from Wild Tafari they have absolutely no care for their kittens or the customer. They are cruel to animals. Most savannah breeders will take there cats back under such conditions. They refuse to believe the medical documents I shared with them. And refuse to let other customers know that their cats carry the genes for PKD.

Apr 04, 2016
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      Apr 04, 2016

    Letter written to our customer who is making blatant and false accusations and attempting to extort money nearly 5 years after getting their kitten!

    Rob and Sharon,

    I sincerely appreciate you sending all of the documentation from your veterinarian to me in regards to Kyan. I have had time to review everything and gather my thoughts.

    When Kyan left our home, he was very well socialized, and in fact, quite the love bug. He adored attention and would frequently give head butts, nudging you to get it. If you will go back and watch the video that I took of Kyan for you while he was here with me, anyone would say, it was obvious he had been given a lot of love and great care, and he was a happy kitten!
    You also emailed me noting that he purred all the way home when you picked him up, he loves to sleep in the bed with the two of you, tucked under your chin, and how it was very easy to fall head over heels in love with Kyan, and you love him with all of your heart. This does not sound like an unsocialized kitten to me, and I am certain anyone else that came into contact with Kyan after he left my home would agree, just as the receptionist at your veterinarian's office did.

    As you are well aware, I give a one-year health guarantee for life threatening congenital defects, and I absolutely did not send you a sick kitten that was the "runt of the litter" as you have called him. He was nearly 6 pounds before he even turned 4 months old, and now he weighs 20 pounds. Your veterinarian gave him a clean bill of health and determined that he was negative for every single test they did on him to include Feline Leukemia, FIV, Tritrichomonas, and fecal flotations. His CBC and blood chemistry panels were normal, and therefore all that could be determined was that Kyan simply had an intolerance to something in his diet, which had been changed 3 times since you had received him.

    When it comes to polycystic kidney disease, it has only been within the last couple of years that anyone in the Savannah community of breeders has started to have genetic testing completed for the studs and queens in their cattery. It was certainly not anything made aware to me by other breeders, or more importantly, our veterinarian, that needed to be tested for over five years ago when Kyan's mother was placed in our breeding program. What really baffles me is that when Kyan was diagnosed back in 2012, you never once contacted me, yet here we are, nearly 4 years later and you are just now notifying me on 3/31/2016. I cannot make sense of it. You did not have a problem contacting Savannah Cat Rescue, so you should not have had a problem contacting ME first. At no time did your veterinarian state within the discharge notes that Kyan had a life expectancy of five years or that he needed a kidney transplant. Actually, your veterinarian notated in late 2014 that Kyan has no medical concerns aside from his food allergies, and in mid-2015, your veterinarian also notated that he had been drinking, eating, urinating and defecating normally, and that Kyan has had improvement when comparing his last exams.

    You also claim that Kyan has lumbosacral articular facet degenerative disease, however, I would have to greatly question this statement. Not only did you tell your veterinarian that "you were concerned that there was some trauma involved as the limping started after you were gone for a short period of time, " but also, your veterinarian said that trauma could not be ruled out due to the incident that occurred when he first started limping. This is a progressive disease that would get worse over time, however, your veterinarian has not documented any further issue in the 3 years since that veterinary visit which leads me to believe that Kyan has no further issue and only had an incident occur that was physically traumatic to him.

    Upon further review of your veterinarian's multiple discharge documents, I am very disappointed in the lack of care you have shown towards Kyan's well-being in certain incidences. You were advised to not allow Kyan to eat anything other than his own food, which includes not allowing him to eat rodents or birds. Not only have you flaunted Kyan's talent in "hunting" the many mice he's caught and occasional birds, but you have allowed him to eat them, and proudly boasted about this on your Facebook page. I have screenshots of multiple statements from you in regards to this. You also have allowed bad habits to begin early on by doing things such as allowing Kyan to be tethered outside "until he would get out of his harness to chase whatever he was watching."

    On January 26, 2016, you rushed him to the emergency vet 5 days after he was attacked and bitten by a feral cat. When I questioned you concerning this, you advised me that a feral cat supposedly jumped inside the door of your home when you opened it and attacked him. A responsible pet owner would have taken him to an emergency vet or your veterinarian immediately upon the incident for treatment as he had a 1-inch bite wound on his chest that should have been cleansed and bandaged. Now, Kyan will need to be tested in the future for Feline Leukemia.

    From the time Kyan arrived to your home, you took nearly 4 years to have his rabies vaccination administered, which your veterinarian suggested he have completed 10 months prior as he had never had it administered otherwise. I am surprised you allowed him to be without a rabies vaccine with as many animals as he would come into contact with that could carry the disease. You also failed to notify me of his neuter, and his microchip was not documented on any of the veterinary documents.

    As previously noted, Kyan was perfectly socialized when he came home to you. However, environmental factors outside of my control further shape a kittens' behavior and outlook on life into adulthood. I do not guarantee behavioral issues due to this. You now are trying to claim that a cat behaviorist, that has never once come into contact with Kyan, has said that he was not socialized when you received him which I have yet to receive documentation of, and that he should be placed on prozac, but again, as I stated and you are also well aware, I have proof that he most certainly was! If he were not, I am sure you would not have kept him for 4 1/2 years prior to just recently contacting me.

    You have stated that you and Kyan wrestle too much, that he is very energetic and "loves, maybe even lives for, hunting." I feel that you have started this aggressive "hunting" behavior that he "lives for, " to the point that when you go on walks and he comes into contact with another cat, which he does not like, he feels he is hunting the other cats as well. He gets so worked up over this hunting behavior that he redirects his aggression towards you when it happens. If you had contacted me long ago, I would have told you you had to stop allowing this to happen! Even if it meant stopping these walks that you take him on where he is constantly coming into contact with other cats. I shouldn't have to tell you, but if this negative behavior is being caused by coming into contact with another cat, stop letting him do it. It is that simple! This includes during a game of "string snake" that you play with him. In any instance in which Kyan could feel he is the predator needs to cease immediately. It gets him entirely too worked up. I think if you stop putting him in these situations to be the aggressor, you'll notice a change in his behavior.

    In closing, I will not tolerate threats of destroying my business and reputation by stating you are going to flood the internet with false, inaccurate information, nor will I stand for criminal extortion or blackmail where you have made several demands which I will not oblige to any of your demands. I am ready to move forward with tort litigation against both of you, Rob Dunn and Sharon Chambers, and any other parties that have any involvement in attempting to discredit my name and reputation.


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