White Castlepoor management skills

I had visited the white castle on MacArthur Rd in Whitehall Pa on Nov 20 2011 and purchased $54.47 of food and when i got home some of the food was raw and uncooked so i called and spoke to a woman that took my name and order number a list of items that were raw and stated for me to come in to get the food replaced... Today Nov 27th i was passing by so i stopped to get the food and was given the food without hesitation which made me a happy customer. as i proceeded to my car in the parking lot i was chased down by a caucasian male who i was told his first name is Peter was yelling that he gave me the replacement food already last week and has my plate number down...i knew he was lying and when i approached him and confronted him he stated nevermind and went back in the white castle...See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Whitehall, PASo frustrated from the embarrassment from him yelling at me in front of all the people in the parking lot, i went back in the store to get his name and he and other workers refused to give me his name which i found out was Peter, Then i was threatened by a caucasian woman that would not even let me explain said that they were going to call the police... i then left the white castle and called the police myself and got a incident number for the report...i just dont know why he lied like that...i am under the assumption that due to me being a hispanic minority he didnt believe me and made up a lie to back up his accusations.. i still have my reciept and if he gave me the food already and has my plate number then me and my vehicle should be on their surveillance cameras which i am 150% sure its not...cause i was never there prior to today and the original date of purchase... please help me with any advice or measures to take to prevent this from happening to any other innocent customers... i have posted numerous reviews and also filed a complaint with BBB.. I will be contacting the corporate office monday morning as well... Thank you for listening and any help would be very much appreciated...

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