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Whitby Oshawa Honda / Scam

1 300 Thickson Road SouthWhitby, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

Started a year ago when we brought my wife's 2005 Honda Civic in for maintenance and asked the dealer to also check for why her car pulled to one side. Honda came back saying her front struts were in need to be replaced...soon. I couldn't imagine why they needed to be replaced, not like her car was bouncing down the road. Anyways, a couple of months later we brought her car back for maintenance again and asked to check for any issues, they came back indicating the oil pan and gasket needed to be replaced. I again, found this really strange that they made it sound like any day now oil was going to break through the oil pan and that it was in suck dire need of attention, again they mentioned the struts. At this point I bring her car to my mechanic who right away says there is absolutely nothing wrong! So much so they show me what Honda said was so urgent to fix. First the struts, they had grease on them cause we have under coating put on the Honda every year, as for the oil pan, there was a finger nail size piece of rust on the bottom. My mechanic said this isn't the first time they've seen customers want second opinions about whitby honda. Now my wife brought her Honda for a D maintenance (she does this cause they said that her extended warranty would be void if we don't) and they now indicated her front brakes need to be replaced, rotors need machining, and her engine mount is cracked and needs to be replaced. So again i know there is something fishy going on so i again get a second opinion. What is found is the front brakes still have 40% life left in them, the engine mount is fine, but the battery is really low and worse for wear. I figured this cause we were having trouble in cold weather getting it started. Why wasn't this issue discovered during Honda's most expensive maintenance package? And what ever happened to the struts and oil pan issue they deemed so necessary to fix?? I guess Honda is self healing? Anyways, caution to anyone who goes to Whitby Honda. I really hope that my ranting here saves someone unnecessary expenses in the future, and to avoid Whitby Honda as much as possible!!!



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  • Su
      18th of Dec, 2010
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    Lesson learnt is the persons advising you in the dealer's place may not be as qualified as you. Those guys are just low graders if those guys can learn something about vehicles then you can learn much faster and in a better way. So go through the vehicle manual thoroghly and you will understand and same you can apply on your vehicle. Your vehicle going to one side is a problem related to the steering system but you need not replace the whole thing but you have to pin point the problem and replace the affected part.In this case your visit to the local guy was use ful.

  • Kh
      15th of Oct, 2014
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    I went into Whitby Honda yesterday October 14 2014 to get an oil change on my 2914 Honda Civic LX ( which i originally purchased at parkway Honda) and they replace my front plate cover with their own that says Whitby Oshawa- I realized this the next day and contacted them as to why, without my permission would you guys change my plate covers and that too only the front, I had parkway honda on the back plate frame and whitby honda on the front like an idiot. Instead of me being angry at them the service coordinator tells me shes going to hang up on me if i talk to her loudly. Horrible! I hate Whitby Oshawa Honda and possibility wouldnt ho there again for any services!!

  • Ma
      8th of Jun, 2017
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    In simple words, try to avoid this place for any thing. They are there waiting for you to jerk your money off. They will by themselves create a mess and ask you to pay for it. They will not allow you to leave without paying them even though you are there for free Honda recall.

    Please find better place where people are honest. Honest people still exist in this world.

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