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Western Dental All / incompetent thieves and liars

1 320 S. Cherokee LaneLodi, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 209-366-7970

If you want to have the worst dental experience of your life, go to any western dental.

1. You will be lied to about what services will be given to you.
2. You will be lied to about the cost.
3. If you have any kind of complaint at all, you will be lied to, and told: "we have never had a compliant like this before".
4. You will be lied to regarding the quality of their dental services.
5. You will continue to be billed and harassed even after you pay.
6. If you file a complaint with them, it will do you absolutely no good.
7. If you file a complaint with any agency; ca dental board, bbb, consumer complaints, attorney general, etc... It will do you absolutely no good, because they are swamped with western dental complaints, and don't have time to answer yours.
8. If you go to court and win, you will never get your money.

I was one of the "stupid ones" that even after reading complaints on the internet thought; “oh they can't do that to me!" I was dead wrong! Bottom line is, after reading this message, if you still decide to go to western dental, I feel sorry for you. You must want to experience: abuse, pain and punishment.

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  • Je
      4th of Nov, 2009
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    Thanks for sharing, because I'm thinking to file complaint or sue them. But obviously I'm not the first one wanted to do it, and it makes sense that it does nothing. =[
    Knowing this at least save my time.

  • Eg
      30th of Jun, 2010
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    Also am going through a horror dentistry tale regarding western dental. On 02/04/2010 was my first appt. after X-Rays and consultation in Dec 2009. Thinking all the necessary paperwork had been done in Dec, no walk in and the receptionist had no data on me, so then she said that I would have to pay $97.00 to join their dental plan, sit and wait for another hour, then was called in to a cubbyhole and sit the patients chair and wait, then the first woman shows up with a file, begans to tell me how it was going to cost, just told her that I was on a fixed income and could not afford that so she walks out and comes back in with more papers till finally she comes in and stated that my payments would be $30.00 and the charge would be $626.00 so I agreed thinking that was the charge to repair all that needed to be repaired. Till finally a dentist walks in and said that he was going to do two extractions on upper right side. NO MASK:
    was given three injections of novacain and to wait 25 minutes. Thirty-five minutes he came back in and a woman who stood behind me to the left, he extracted the first molar, NO WATER PICK, she was holding a pick, put in my twice once but no water, then he began extracting the second molar, in retrospect believe that it would have been less painful being wounded by a bullet, he kept stopping to confer with a wondering dentist that kept walking back and forth in the aisle, then come back and go at it again, confer, back, confer, was on top of the paitent's chair for more leverage. The novacain had worn off, till finally he came up with a molar, blood was gushing out of my mouth, he rammed two sets of gauze into my mouth while convering with that other entist, called an X=Ray tech to take X-Rays. Then I was told that the extraction had left a hole going up into my sinus cavity. I saw the two molars and picked them up and examined them, the first extraction was just the top of a molar and no cavity, the second molar had two very long roots and that one also did not have a cavity either. Incredible pain and bleeding. Then he was told to suture my gums where the hole was and was stuffed with guaze again.
    Was given a prescription for an anti biotic for me to pick up. Was told not to use a straw and to come back the following Thursday to see a Ordontist. Next appt. no ordontist, he gave me another prescription and to come back the following Monday to see an ordontist, did so and again no ordontist. He removed the sutures and was told to continue taking the anitbiotics. Was bedridden with this incrdible pain for over 2 months. During this period I received over 20 calls from Western Dental trying to set up appts., I would explained the reason inability to drive due to medication and pain. After the third month I plain told them that I was not going back.
    The last appt, as I was walking out, was given a paper stating that further work on my teeth would be over $7, 000.00. When the first work was not even completed as the third molar was supposed to be by surgery. By that time I did not trust them to work on my teeth any longer. I filed formal complaints to 3 different addresses and also the CA Dental Board of Dentistry. In June is when I finally received a response to my formal complaint from Western Dental and forms to be completed from CA Dental Board of Dentistry.
    I cannot find an attorney to represent me and from reading a previous complaint even though going through the legal system and winning will not receive any compensation.
    So all of us let us get together and file class action against Western Dental, they need to be brought up on medical charges for seriously bad dentistry work that they do. Contact me at

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