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West Palm Beach KIA / Deceptive business practices

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I recently purchased a new KIA from West Palm Beach KIA [Florida].

I am 82 years old and on occasion, not too sharp; if not trusting.

In simplicity, I was given prices for the EX 2007 series, accepted a price {actually later learned to be high}; but then the situation was twisted and I was given an LX [cheaper model] on delivery. I was so absorbed with the salesman's technical chatter on the advantages of KIA, that I did not fully note the contract, but merely the numbers. Actually the contract did not have a reference to the model name.

Later, I discovered that I actually received a KIA 2006, which was listed in the corner of the contract, not noticed. At all times I and my wife discussed a 2007 KIA, stating that we were trading in a 1997 vehicle and we were following the 10 year cycle.

I contacted Palm Beach KIA by fax and Certified letter and telephone calls; never receiving a response. I feel that I am now in the 'aged beware' category - for the first time.

I contacted KIA USA who stated that they could do nothing with the dealer. Stating that their KIA dealers basically do whatever they want.

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  • Ma
      19th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    This is true. 3 years later now in 2010 I have had the worst car buying experience possible. I received threats from not only the salesperson, the finance manager, and once I was fed up with them i was dealing directly with the GM of the location, who he himself made the most threatening statements of the bunch. My situation was simple. I was in the process of replacing a drivers license. I went to look at some used cars. I was very clear that my license had been lost and I am replacing it. The dealership in their money grubbing [censor] way said that it would be fine so long as I bring in my license once I received it. Once my deal was completed the next day I received multiple phone calls about my license. And every day after that for a week. During this harassment the salesman called me to complain and argue about the evaluation I filled out. A poor score was given to reflect my experience. That is when I was finished speaking with him and begun only speaking with the GM. My license came in and as promised I brought it straight in only to be glared at by all associates as if I were a lepir. Very uncomfortable situation. Finally I was done... Wrong. I get a call from the bank who financed my loan. The paperwork was filed incorrectlly. I asked the bank to send it back to be corrected. They did. Within the hour I get a phone call from the GM. "what's wrong with you, are you stupid or something!?" I explained why this happened and he said he would take care of it, but not before one last verbal lashing from him. I asked, " since there has been some obvious customer service issues and I am clearly not happy, can we work lowering my payments?" Touchy subject I guess because he yelled at me for the following 5 minutes. " Your lucky your not my son, because I would teach you a lesson." "if you do not call the bank and authorize this loan I will come after you!" " if this is not settled by today I will send a tow truck after your car and you can come get your piece of s%*$ truck back!" " if there is one more problem with you I'm repossessing your car!" " you better understand me or there will be problems!" wow this is the GM speaking to me this way... So it is my recommendation to NEVER step foot on this louvre there is pure [censor] there, and the customer clearly carries no value. Again this is west palm beach Kia Florida. Absolutely filthy facilities and class is no were to be found.

  • Sc
      27th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I am so sorry to hear the absolutely horrid customer service and scam that was perpetrated on your family. Our family is in the market for a newer vehicle and their ad did catch my eye recently. We were researching this company and your advice made us take pause and reflect. We are strong believers in not only customer service but honesty. We expect it from our children, family members, and friends and expect no less from our business dealings. Shame on you, KIA. Needless to say I will not be visiting this business.

  • Di
      20th of Apr, 2012
    0 Votes

    I purchased a 2012 Kia Soul on 04/11/2012. The level of dishonesty I encountered at West Palm Beach KIA surprised me. I realize now my faith and trust that they were truthful was my fault. I was acting like a ###, believing every word they said. I'm sure the sales team had a good laugh as I drove off the lot.
    We discussed my military service yet they did not offer the $500.00 veteran incentive. Why?
    Let's talk specifics:
    First the price of the car. Sticker price was $24, 293.00. They charged me $24, 511.50. Why the extra $218.50?
    KIA MSRP was listed as $16, 595. West Palm Beach KIA added $5, 198.00 for the TV ad that brought me in the door. This I understood and agreed to. Effectively reducing my trade in from $9, 000.00 to $3, 802.00. Not bad for an 11 year old truck with 110, 000 miles on it.
    West Palm Beach KIA also added $2, 500.00 for "Appearance & Protection Package" We didn't discuss that. What did that buy me? A wash and a tank of gas? I would like an explanation of what the "Appearance & Protection Package" is.
    Last but not least, the money out of my pocket they quoted was: my truck, $4, 000.00, down and I finance $10, 000.00. They conveniently kept that piece of paper, so I have no proof of that. Trust bites me once again.
    Let's break that down:
    Sale Price: $24, 511.50
    Sales Tax: $934.98
    Total: $25, 446.48
    Trade In/Discount: $9, 000.00
    Cash Down Payment: $4, 000.00
    Amount to be financed: $12, 446.48
    Why the extra $2, 446.48??
    As for the finance department: I have purchased many new cars over the past 40 years and never have I not gone over every line item with the finance representative prior to signing the contract. I may have caught some of these discrepancies if he had the time to do his job. The registration fee seems high. I already purchased that plate. You charged me $150.55 to transfer the plate from one vehicle to another, even though that plate expires July 12, 2012?
    Bottom line: they have a very dissatisfied customer. Even the email sent was a lie. They represented themselves as the GM, Terry Hart. Does he condone the practices of his sales staff? Did he even see my response?
    With all the business they do, I'm sure one disgruntled customer won't bother them. At least I had an opportunity to vent, which I will do at the veteran's associations I belong to and the church were I serve as an elder. Word spreads. If I can persuade a few of my friends from visiting that dealership, great. And they influence their friends and so on and so on.

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