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I purchased a Groupon offer for an in-home massage with this company because I was in severe pain and needed help quickly. It was only after the purchase that I found out they had no openings for over a week in the future, so I made an appointment at the first available opening.

Over the next 1-1/2 weeks, I received a few emails from them telling me that they had not been able to find a therapist and would I please choose another date yet ANOTHER 1-2 WEEKS in the future!

I emailed them and called and left voice messages without any response, except to get more fo these emails asking me to schedule further out. So I emailed and left more voice messages - and received NOT ONE reply from them, until the eventual day of my supposed appointment when they sent me another blasted automated email to reschedule.

As a last resort, I finally sent an email to them threatening to seek legal action for false advertising and fraudulent practices. THAT got an almost instant response! (of course).

As soon as I sent that email to them, I found the phone number for Groupon and told them my problem. They were wonderful! They refunded my money (even though it was way past the 3 days they normally allow), and said they would be looking into this complaint. While on the phone with Groupon, I received a response to my threatening email to The ONLY thing they were interested in, of course, was their reputation and 'hoped' I would not cause them any problems. Ummm, too late.

So, if you have the chance to use to book a massage - don't. Make an appointment with your local massage therapist instead, especially if you are in pain. This is a company I would not ever recommend, for any reason.

Jul 01, 2016

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