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I've lived in a Waypoint house for two years and they are awful in every single way a landlord can be awful. Let's start at the beginning. They bought the house at auction and according to our neighbor it had been empty for six years. They have this policy when you move in, the "Tune Up" which basically means you move into the house and find all of the stuff that's broken for them. Okay so we do that, the hot water heater doesn't work, some electrical outlets that don't work, closet doors that don't open, there's a leak over the oven and on the back porch, the outside lights don't work, there's a dead tree in the front yard where there's a 15 foot, 10 inch diameter branch literally hanging from vines from the tree in the front yard. Not connected to the tree AT ALL...hanging vertically, plainly obvious for them to see. Plus a bunch of other stuff broken.

We submit all these issues. They come out eventually and fix the hot water heater and attempt to fix the roof (it still leaks). The other stuff they never fix. We contacted them repeatedly, especially about the tree branch because if it fell on someone it would maim or kill them. Sometimes they say we'll have a contractor contact you, sometimes they don't reply at all and they don't return phone calls. A contractor never contacts us. After a while we just gave up and lived with the problems.

So a year passes and it's time to renew our lease. Now believe me if it was at all possible to leave we would have, but we can't. So they send us the new rates. It's a 5% increase from the previous year which surprised me because their rates are already 25% above the market rate for our neighborhood. But whatever, so we get the new lease and it lists all these different fees so I call the lease lady, Judith Ordonez, at the local office and she tells me that those fees are not due, they are from our original lease and the monthly rent will be a TOTAL of $XXXX and pet rent is included in that amount and all the other fees don't apply. I exchange several emails with her about this to make sure what we will have to pay. I am assured by her in writing that the total monthly rent will be $XXXX. So we sign the lease.

Six weeks later we get a letter saying that we owe them additional pet rent every month. I call Judith Ordonez again and plus we exchange emails about this because the $XXXX amount is written on our lease as the total and pet rent is written as $0 and we were also told this by her in writing. And now they're saying we owe more. While on the phone Judith Ordonez tells me to tell Waypoint we no longer have pets... ummm, no I'm not going to lie and risk eviction. I asked her about 10 times on the phone and in email to have the manager Christy Holloway to contact me so we can get this sorted out. I called the office asking to speak to the manager several times and she was never available and never returned my calls. I wrote several emails to the manager Christy Holloway. I never got one response from her.

Okay now back to maintenance issues... 18 months after we moved in a huge branch fell off of the same dead tree that has had the giant branch hanging vertically from vines. The branch took up my entire front lawn, I couldn't even cut my grass. We call the maintenance number and they tell us they'll have a contractor come look at it... I've heard that before. I had to call their maintenance number for two months until they finally came out and cut the tree down. So 20 months after we first reported the tree, they finally dealt with it.

Now back to the lease... today we receive a threat to evict us if we don't pay the additional pet rent amount that's accrued. I'm calling a lawyer. It clearly says on my lease the pet rent is $0 and the total due is $XXXX. It's not my fault if they screwed up their own lease. I could go on and on but I'm tired of writing. Do not rent from them if you value your life. limb, property, money, and sanity.

Waypoint Homes

Jul 16, 2016
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  • Vi
      Jul 22, 2016

    They are the worst in the world, I hope no one rents from them they are very evil, and they are out just for your money, I been renting from them for 2 years and my rent keeps going up I regret deeply getting involved with this animals.

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  • Su
      Nov 08, 2016

    We moved into our home and had the same issues with the rent increases, pet fees and property damage. I had a shower that was literally falling tiles falling off the wall while you bathed. It took them almost one full year to correct the bathroom. They just never liked the estimates the contractors were giving them to fix the problem so they kept ignoring the issue. They have been a nightmare to rent from. Once, we received a knock at the door at 9pm at night. It was a processor serving an eviction notice for being 3 days late on rent, but we weren't late and our rent had already cleared the bank as it is auto-paid. Turns out they had a glitch in their system and like a whole slew of us were served eviction notices. That's why rent goes up...any idea how much it costs to have a notice served? Multiply that a couple hundred times. Sheesh. Their system glitched again once at the beginning of our contract and while I had set up auto-pay to include the amount my "rep" had told me to put in, an amount that was supposed to include pet fees, it did not. So of course, we get a late fee for not paying the pet portion of our rent. Went to pay the pet portion online and can't do it because if you're late they lock you out of the system and only your rep can release. And good luck getting them on the phone! Awful landlords.

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