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After trying the WatchIndia.TV service for a few months, we decided to cancel it, and go back to satellite TV for our Indian TV viewing needs. There began our troubles. (a) we tried to call them for over a week and always got a busy signal; (b) we finally stumbled upon their "live chat" online service and requested immediate cancellation durign a chat session; (c) was then informed that cancellation can only happen at the end of a billing cycle, which in our case was coming up on Oct 17 (live chat happened on Oct 13 night); (d) requested cancellation effective Oct 17th; (e) was then informed that as we were giving less than 5 days notice, they would bill us for another month before they would cancel the service; (f) I asked for an email confirmation of our cancellation, the rep declined to do so and indicated that I would "get a mail" when my account was cancelled; (g) finally the rep had the gall to ask if there was anything else he coudl "help" me with!

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      6th of Mar, 2012 - After placing order i found that advertise was misleading
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    I placed an order for TV Box from After placing order i found that advertise was misleading. In their Mega package there are very few nice chanels rest of all are cheap and local channels. The resolution on Big LCD TV is not good, Streaming is not good eventhough I have 20 MBPS download internet speed. After review all i decided to cancel my plan i paid $325 by credit card one month ago after cancellation of my service and return their all product still i didn't receive my credit. Now i opened dispute case in my credit card company.

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      29th of Jul, 2013

    I think these guys have finally lost the license to operate any and all channels. They have taken our money and run. Since June of this year (2017), all transmission came to a halt (there was connection, then buffering but then it would stop completely). All channels were being whittled down nearly every week (from 45 down to 26), with all the good ones going first till we were left with one movie channel, one news channel and Zee TV, this last stopped being transmitted from India and was coming from Singapore. Since I had the Mega Annual Pack, they started substituting the other channels with regional ones (I only know Hindi and English). By mid-July, everything disappeared - there is no menu ! Ofcourse I have sent them many emails but they are not answering any of them. It was extremely helpful for me to read other customers' complaints because I have learnt that "cancelling" my subscription will only cause me more headaches. Since they never ask you if you want to renew your subscription but just charge your credit card automatically, I think the simplest solution for me would be to cancel my credit card and get a new one, one which they do not know the number of. If they are still out there and hope to charge me an yearly fee again, they won't be able to acess it. My subscription will end in October, I will just write off the 5 months as money lost but will save myself a lot of headache. I don't know how to take action against them, if anyone knows, please post here. I am writing this from Brazil. Thank you for listening.

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