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Waste Path LLC / Trash removal

Feb 20, 2017
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Calvert City
We called to cancel our trash removal service, today. The company is Waste Path Services LLC. In Calvert City, KY. They told us they would NOT issue a refund for the remaining payment. That's ridiculous! Two weeks ago, I watched their driver pull up to my house, activate the bin lift on the truck, exit the vehicle, grab the bin and spin around in a circle launching the bin on my yard. He broke one of the hinges. On numerous occasions, they back the truck onto my yard to pull out. I contacted Waste Path to complain and was told, "sorry". Which doesn't fix the tire ruts or get us a new trash bin. The last trash pick up ended with our trash bin placed neatly on the street with the lid pushed half way into the bin because the hinge is broken and wasn't fixed when I called to complain. Obviously, we'll never use this company again; however, the fact that the complaint was not taken seriously, to my knowledge, makes it unacceptable. We'll be sure to relay our experiences, so others can choose another trash service.


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N  13th of Mar, 2018 by 
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March 28 the driver took out my mailbox and ran off without leaving a note on storm door. He cut mailbox in two and ripped off the door of mailbox. Since calling 2/18 when a guy said he would be out that day, no one stopped, as we called 3/3 3/5 and finaly 3/7. The last call they said they woud be out thursday or by the end of that week. Their word was lies i can say certinly cause i never saw them come out, , they nver marked either of our door.
I want a new mailbox installed like old today or my property damage attorny and postmaster will call you. It has been 2 weeks now we cant go to steeville to see my mother because you set a date which started by a gentlemen saying i will be out today(3/1 till the last call of 4 that they gave me more assuredness that they would take responsibly of the issue. They though it would did down, we have not replaced box. That is your problem or pay compensation 100 to drive a truck to lowes and my time to replace it.
You guys mishandled this from 2/28 and now we know your true colors.
It is on you now. 35 owens gilbertsville ky

they put us on hold today to pick another lie. After 4 calls all recored they never mentioned the driver. A guy was coming out march 1 never came, same story 3, 6, 7. Today however, they put us on hold 15 minutes and said the driver told them 2/28 it was already hit. Please why did they come up today with the driver left them a note someelse hit it. If that is true, why didnt they write off their mistake 3/3 3/6 or 3/7 when they said they are definitely coming out. A new story emerged today totally putting them in the clear. Why didnt they have that info 2 weeks ago? they told us to gather our pictures today, they told us all along another guy was inspecting it all along.
They put us on hold today and after over 15 minutes blamed us and said the driver told them immediatley, why not tell us 3/1 so we could fix it. . Only cause they lied as they went. If the driver told them immediatley, why waste 5 calls just to promise a representative and today oh, we got word 2 weeks ago that someone else hid it. That is good as they could do after having no info for 2 weeks, brainstorming then telling not us that the driver, dont care how good he is that he was infallbile and how about"i havent had a story for 2 weeks, how about the driver told them 2 wks ago its not me and every time we called they did not know only to make up a story today. You guys totally opposed your other stories that we are coming out threee times leave it as it is. The lying receptionist found out i just missed them and made up a story after we called two weeks ago. Hey driver told us, why didnt he leave a postit note. I have never had a business give me the run around for 2 weeks then come up and lie to us.
N  13th of Mar, 2018 by 
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Feb 28 the mailbox was hit and trash was strewn allover. if the receptionist can clear the driver that didn't pick up the debris, why after the receptionist was sending some one out 3//1, 3/3, 3/6, 3/7 and today . they were inspecting the damage.

tell me why they made up TODAY that the inspection was never going to happen, because today they tell us the seasoned infallible driver that can walk on water had today management 2/28 but they took us for a ride only to tell us today hey the driver said it already happened. any reputable co. worth their salt would have denied it from day one when the story telling receptionist came up 3/143 that the driver told her 2/18 and why were they sending people out 3/1, 3, 6, and 7 to inspect if they already knew the report. the driver came to my door and drove off very quickly lasts week. why did waste path take us for a ride and lie to us until today when the monumental lie came out. they heard from driver 2 weeks ago that it wasn't him. although when he came up trash was strewn 15 foot and he never picked that up. because of the multitude of stories I think the driver and the receptionist "worked it out today so we cant call any more."
N  13th of Mar, 2018 by 
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Thanks wast path for taking my wife and i on a ride, and then today after five days of giving us false information, today, oh my best ddriver said 2 weeks ago he didnt hit it. why didnt they convery the information instead of taking us for a ride for 2 weeks only to put us on hold and make up the ultimate lie(a representative will come out) they said for 2 weeks and tday receptionist covered waste path by saying"yes we knew 2 weeks ago the excellent driver told us but they said for 2 weeks we will investigate. whatever hit the mail box had duals. nothing would be said here if waste path wouldnt put us on hold 5 times only to say today, driver told us that he witnessed it already done. He reported that today so we would be in limbo waiting on a representative to come. never happened. if i knew 2/28 and turned it in why the story hits the news today. receptionist went to a local liar convention and made up she knew it 2 weeks ago and just like to keep a carrot in front of us.

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