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Code Adams Alerts: I just called the store manager Jan Coons who told me they do NOT lock doors during a code and the only responsibility the have is for certain members to announce the missing child, other employees "check" (not stay posted) at exits. If they see something suspicious the employee is to call te manager. That's it!! no locking or blocking of doors until the child if found; no call the police, no requirements to STAY at the "checked" doors until an "all clear" announcement. I've been in Code Adams in this walmart on two occasions over the past 15 years and both times I was appalled at how easily a kidnapped child can be hustled out the open front doors, not to mention back doors.No employee rushed to the exit, much less with a walkie talkie in hand. Ths manager assured me that locking the doors would upset the "fire marshall" and that they haven't had a kidnapping in the 15 years he has been manager, so "it must be adequate." Yep. Iowa doesn't have any missing or murdered children. No siree...we is livin' where no crime happens! (to top it off I dialed the local police department and the receptionist did not even know what Code Adam meant, NOR did my 911 operator. I'm so proud.
I HAVE been in a Walmart in Nebraska which DID close the doors until the child was found AND two hotels on the east coast where the same thorough Code Adam was performed.
I'm called the Center for Missing Children for more information so we can make Code Adam a standard, mandatory operation that really DOES protect children.

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  • As
      Jul 01, 2014

    While shopping in our local Campbellsville KY Walmart my 3year old child went missing. I asked the greeter if she had seen my daughter and gave her a description. The woman smiled at me and told me no she hadn't seen her. My 3year old child was missing and the employee stationed at the front of the store offered no help just a smile. I was absolutely furious and terrified out of my mind that my child was missing and the woman at the front of the store would not call a Code Adam or offer me any assistance, just a smile. Thankfully I did find my child, unfortunately without any assistance what so ever from Walmart. I am saddened and dissappointed in the lack of knowledge that the Campbellsville KY employees have of the Code Adam and it is truely unfortunate since every Walmart store I have been in has a "HAVE YOU SEEN ME?" wall. Action needs to be taken to prevent this situation from happening to another frightened parent. Our family will no longer be shopping at Walmart or any stores affiliated with Walmart. I sincerely hope that someone does read this and something is done so that another mother with a very active 3year old child has some help when her toddler runs off on her. No parent should have to endure the fear I felt when my daughter dissappeared in a Walmart store and the employee refused to help.

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  • Sa
      Jul 09, 2014

    You are right Asmith the greeter did not take proper action, what the greeter should have done was called the police or CPS and had you charged with neglect. You should be furious and upset at yourself. It is not her responsibility to take care of your child. You should be saddened and disappointed in yourself, and CPS needs to take that child from you. It does not matter where you shop you are responsible for your chiid Instead of blaming the greeter and your child you need to grow up and take some responsibility for your actions.

    As for Katy, if the fire marshall has regulaions to not have doors locked they have to follow it, stay with mommy so you dont have to worry about being kidnapped.

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