Walmartcaring more about policy then an established patient.

Je Mar 05, 2016 Howell, MI Review updated:

I have been going to Walmart vision Center in Howell MI for well over 10 years. I get my yearly exam and order my contact lenses there as well as my eye glasses. My valid prescription expired in Aug, 2015 and I had ordered some contacts to get me by for a few months. I was down to my last few pairs of contacts. I had an unfortunate accident and my eye glasses were destroyed. I had to wait till the first of the month before I could make my appointment so that I could you know, pay for my exam. I scheduled an appointment for March 3rd, the day that I get my check. So, I have been getting by with just my contacts until then. I was down to my last 2 pairs. I had another unfortunate accident 5 days before my appointment. I flushed my last contact lense case down the toilet and had no choice but to throw the pair I was wearing out that night. So, Sunday I put my last pair in. I was spending the night at moms house to drive her to Ann Arbor for Cataracts surgery Monday morning. I had a problem with putting my contact in that morning and it ended up getting torn. So, after moms surgery I drove to Howell Walmart and told them everything. Like I said, I have been going here for eye care for years. I have other health issues, so for me it is important to have that doctor patient relationship. They know my history, they know that I suppress my immune system and that an eye infection would be a big problem for me. All I needed was for them to give or sell me a contact lense for my one eye to get me through for 3 days until my appointment. I even said that it could be the trial pair that you normally get after your eye exam. The lady said that it was against policy. She said because I did not have a valid prescription that they could not do it. I said that I had no glasses or contacts and had to drive mom back to the eye doctor the next morning to get her cataracts checked. All she kept telling me that a torn contact could scratch my eye. I said I know that Is why I am here. Apparently, they care more about their policy then the health of their patients.
When I showed up for my appointment 3 days later The manager was a condescending witch. She said that is was my fault for not having a second pair of glasses and I should always keep an active prescription. Who has the money for 2 pairs of glasses? When your script is expiring they actually call you to ask if you want to order and stock up before your script expires. So, I have plenty of contacts and am suppose to make an appointment for an exam just to keep an active script. Then let it sit unused until I need it and waist 4 out of my 12 months just so it's active. That is just stupid.
I make it a point to keep going to the same doctor so that if I have a problem they know me, my history, my problems. I go to them with an emergency and they leave me with nothing. I have to drive in a snow storm to get mom back to get checked the next morning with a torn contact lense. I understand policy, and rules. But when it comes to the health of your patient, someone who has been coming to you every year for well over 10 years and depending on her health care provider to help in an emergency there are reasons for exceptions. I was not a stranger off of the street. My prescription wasn't expired for a long time. I had an appointment already scheduled days later. I wasn't even asking for a pair of contacts. It was one contact so that I could see to deal with life for the next 3 days to get me to my appointment. I will not go back, they have lost my business. I will be telling everyone I know just how much Walmart cares for their patients.

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  • Co
      Mar 05, 2016

    I don't think the doctor did a good job of explaining this to you. He couldn't give you a refill even if he wanted to. It's illegal and could get him into big trouble.
    It's no different than a drug store not refilling prescriptions after they expire.

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  • Je
      Mar 06, 2016

    I wasn't asking for a refill. I was asking for help from my doctor of more then 10 years in an emergency situation. 1 contact lense for one eye to help me be able to see to drive. My appointment was in 3 days. I was coming on a yearly basis to them for my appointments. When I showed for the appointment 3 days later the eye doctor was pissed! But it is Walmart and the doctors are not in charge, the Walmart optical manager was. Nothing was mentioned about being illegal. Big difference between medication and contact lenses. I already talked to U of M Kellogg eye clinic and they just shook their heads and said they should have taken care of me as an established patient.

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