Walgreensrefusing to fill legitimate prescription for pain

Sa Feb 14, 2015 Jacksonville Review updated:

Took my pain medication prescription to have it filled & was denied services. The technician took my prescription, looked me up in computer to see if I had been a customer in the past (which I was), She then handed it back to me & stated I was not allowed to use any Walgreens pharmacy because I do not meet their criteria. I asked for details. Specifics. What was the issue with me, as a patient in need, that I didn't qualify for their services. My prescription was on time, written correct, all pertinent information was available. I had my ID as well as an affidavit from my Doctor stating the medication is medically necessary & he wrote the diagnosis on it & stated he has all my tests supporting the diagnosis. The technician wouldn't give me any other reason & sent me away.

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      Feb 14, 2015

    Quit whining and go to a different pharmacy. IF your medication is a controlled substance, there is a possibility that the pharmacy has restrictions on how often they can fill it.

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  •   Feb 14, 2015

    That said, they are getting real strict on controlled substances. There are a lot of other pharmacies to use as stated above. You can always go to the Walgreen website, tell them what happened and maybe they will correct the pharmacy for what they did. You are on file so you have a foot in on reporting it, they ill also know that your account was accessed that day.

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