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On 4/11/2011 I went to pick up my rx., as I do every week and by the yime I got home gave my baby a tub I realized they only gave me half of my rx. Which is only 7 pills my rx. Is for 14. I called the store, explained what happened, and I had a witness with me to confirm my story. I was advised to go in the next day and speak with the manager, mathew moi. I did the very next day. He could have cared less! He refused to give me the rest of my rx., or a refund, even show the slightest concern of what would happen as a result of not having them. His refusal to admitt any fault by himself or staff members made me request thier district managers number/name. After I was mislead and given the store manager (I found out upon leaving the store) and asked him aswel for the regional/distric manager"s number. Im still waiting for even so much as a responce. I will lyk...

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  • Ak
      Apr 13, 2011

    i had an issues like this as well. my son is a type 1 diabetic - and he uses quite a few test strips a month. at that time he would get 400 a month. one of the boxes only had 75 strips in it - one vial was empty. i called the pharmacy, was told to bring it up there and they'd straighten things out. i took the box to the pharmacy and was chastised basically. i was called a thief and a liar - basically told by the pharmacist that i emptied the bottle on purpose to get "free strips." this was hardly the case. i talked to the manager, she didn't care either - she said the pharmacist was right. i called the 800 number, treated the same way...but when i called the strips manufacturer, i was treated with respect and the vial was immediately replaced.

    so, the moral of my story is that i've quit using walgreens pharmacy for anything (unless cvs is out of a required medicine and it's a last resort).

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