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Pompano Beach, Florida
United States
Phone: 954-941-4700
The new prescription laws and issues in Florida have made it next to impossible to get my legitimate prescriptions filled when I need them. I take Endocet 10/325. In the last year I have had to drive around to over twenty pharmacies give or take each month to see if anyone has my prescription. It is always a toss up as to how I will be treated by the Pharmacy. Some are very helpful and explain that the medications are on back order and difficult to get. I have heard numerous stories...The drug is being discontinued, I can't fill it in another city, it's too soon (my Insurance says I should be able to fill it 10 days before exp.), etc etc.

Walgreeens is the WORST! I was told today I could not fill both my prescriptions together due to their strengths or amount or who knows because it really wasn't explained to me. Walgreens seems to have a different rule or issue every time I go. So now we have the Pharmacists deciding they are my Doctor and can tell me what I can or can't take. The person through the drive through took no time to explain why my prescription could not be filled and gave me an attitude. What rights do consumers have anymore when trying to fill their medications? Why are we treated like dirt. I cannot look at someone and decide what pain or health issues they may be suffering. Walgreens treated me today with zero empathy and assistance. I am beyond disgusted with this system.

The new laws are ultimately hurting the people who need their pain medications. The drug dealers will be making a killing now on other things and pills that we cant even get at our pharmacy, fake things, or dangerous drugs. Idiocy as usual. The dealers will move on to something else. Are the Pharmacies and Government agencies implementing all these tougher regulations so out of touch with reality that they don't realize they are going to have some people who are in pain turn to illicit means to reach out for some kind of relief. Today after spending all day looking for a pharmacy that could fill my prescription I had the thought it would be easier to try and get something off the street. Which I wouldn't do but I did have that thought! They let the pill mills get so out of hand while they were making up Bath Salt BS or whatever would give them good press that now we all suffer.

My main complaint is that Walgreens seemed to decide that I could not fill both of my prescriptions. I was treated like garbage, talked down to and given the brush off. I spoke with other Pharmacists at Target and Walmart and said there would be no problem filling both my scripts if they had them in stock. Walgreens is a disgrace to the medical community and should have their pharmacy license revoked. So if Walgreens Pharmacists are going to be in the position of ultimate superiority over my Doctor I demand they have the education to back that up or otherwise respect what my Doctor has prescribed and continue doing that tough job of putting pills in bottles. I respect my doctor but have zero respect for pharmacists who think they know better than my Doctor and act superior because of the power they wield over my health. They are causing damage to people and someone will die due to their neglect and negligence. I do plan on taking this further. Found this information online:

Rudeness issues should be directed to the pharmacies management.

2) Call Dr. Frank Farmer; Florida Surgeon General and voice your complaint:


Press 9 at 1st menu and 7 at 2nd menu.

3) Call the Executive Director of the Florida Board of Pharmacy; Mark Whitten

Tel: (850) 245-4292
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N  18th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
Isn't FL the pain pill capital ? Don't they have "drive thru" pain management clinics that are super easy to get meds from ? That may be why you are having such an issue. All the addicts are ruining it for the people who really need the meds i.e you. We don't have it that easy where I live but the addicts are doing their jobs ruining here too.
A  4th of Jan, 2013 by    0 Votes
see prevoios coment posted by me
A  5th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
I have been diagnosis with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and had multiple surgeries from automotive accidents. I recently had a total hysterectomy. Everyday I suffer from debilitating pain to the point I can't walk and can't sleep through the night. I have been seeing a pain management specialist for close to 20 years, over the last year, I have had continued problems getting the pain medications oxycodone filled.Walgreen's uses lame excuses any where from we don't have it in stock to a violation of the "good faith policy". Yet, when asked about what is the “good faith policy”, they refuse to give me any paperwork to explain what the policy is in detail. I have been 100% disabled since 1998. . Walgreen's has given both me and my husband grief sending us to multiple pharmacies. I can only hope something is done. I believe because I am on a limited income and was forced to move the majority of my maintenance medications; Walgreen’s removed me from their cliental list. Since mail order does not fill narcotics in Florida. Walgreen’s refused to fill the remainder of my pain medications.
I can only hope Walgreen’s gets into severe trouble. I recently heard that a local Walgreen’s filled multiple orders of oxycodone for an owner of a deceased animal. I’m certain they have done other illicit things. Yet, they can not fill a prescription for me or others who legitimately require the medication.
Stephanie Sackheim
N  5th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
Why are you "driving around to twenty pharmacies" ? Call/go online. It's really easy.
A  26th of Jan, 2014 by    0 Votes
Why driving around to over 20 pharmacies? I'm in the same situation.Bringing disabled and suffer from chronic pain with several painful medical condition.To make it short all but 4 disks from neck down are herniated or bulging from a hit and run car accident. Arthritis, all symptoms of MS.Scoliosis, altered neck.neuropathy.painful cyst growing in Mabel never I.and the pain goes on.Walgreen has the nerve not to fill controlled medicine.This has been the same medicine I have been and receiving from Walgreenss for years.I It is extremely difficult when in chronic painr to have to go daily to try to find your medicine."Last month I could not find my pain medicine in stock until 13 days after my fill date.This is going to put more people in the hospital.UNable to walk.sleep.move due to crying and the pain.Walgreen now tells you unless you filled the script at there location within the last three months they consider you a new client and won't fill the pain medicine Now let me tell you this is the same Walgreens I've been going to for years and am in the system .It is the new staff members also I have noticed.It is not the cancer patient or the innocent disabled that are crying in pain everyday.it is not my fault Walgreens did not have medicine in to fill my script and told me to check the other stores.Then now a new pharmacist works there after all these years and says oh well we haven t filled this here in 3 months your out of luck.What type of help is that.This has been a nightmare of pain and suffering and this makes it worse .I even had this one Walgreens woman maybe right out of school tell me how she doesn't want to loose her job.This girl in front of everyone asking why I am on the pain medicine.And I asked her if she was a doctor. This is terrible.she was rude.and asking very personal questions.I was traumatized after the way she talked .I told her some of my issues and she said she wants medical records from the doctor.Nowadays on a Friday so again that meansnotgetting medicine on time.Every time she is there I have to listen to her tell me she doesn't want to loose her job.She has only been there for 5 months and I've been filling scripts there for a few years.She is not any one of the doctors .specialist or hospital that even treat me or wrote my scripts.These students need to get another job as so
Some one in chronic pain does Not want to hear that when we are crying in pain.Who is she she is about 24 and not a doctor or hospital.This has been extremely difficult and if you have MS can cause a relapse.Something has to change.Carrie
N  26th of Jan, 2014 by    0 Votes
I agree something has to change.If you have been going to the pharmacy for at least a few years.The sick hurt and chronic pain victims are being treated like criminals now.No one asked to have cancer.be disabled.or almost die from a car accident .or burn victims.This is the United States the greatest country and if we can not give aid and help those in chronic pain and suffering we need to look at human rights to live pain free to the best of our ability.No one asked to get cancer, or be a burn victom, car accidents, 's lupus, SPINAL INJURIES and the list goes on.We do ask to be treated with respect at the pharmacies and obtain the needed medicine that is helps us live daily.what if you had one of the above medical conditions? AS THE SAYING GOES, until you've walked a mile in my shoes. Imagine not walking without your medicine. HOW WOULD YOU ?
N  1st of Sep, 2014 by    0 Votes
Recently a
paralyzed friend of mine was denied. It was a new pharmacist at the Walgreens he's filled with for years. He sad the pharmacist had a problem with the fact he always came through the drive through. he had help getting down and rolled in his wheel chair. The pharmacist said he didn't have to explain why he was denied and continued refusing him. He asked for extra help getting back into his vehicle but no part of Walgreen's staff offered assistance. As of now he's painfully awaiting his next doctor appointment to get help from his physician. I'm wondering if there are any attorneys interested. In taking up a suit against the Walgreen's Corp.
N  17th of Feb, 2015 by    0 Votes
It's not just Walgreens since the new law came into affect walmart has treated me the same way Walgreens does as well. It's undo torcher and humiliation to me and others in pain! Something needs to be done!

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