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I went to walgreens on Torrence and had a prescription filled and when I got home I took the medicine right away because I was in pain. I felt better a little better later and I looked at the bottle and the pill bottle was supposed to have had 30 pills in there but when I counted them there were only 12 pills in the bottle. I called the pharmacy and young lady told me to come back and I went back the next day. I received the rest of the pills so I thought when I returned home there were suppose to be 18 pills but were only 17 in the bottle. I also went back on May 10, 2010 and put in another perscription and when I went to pick up the prescription and when I opened up the bag and the bottle had only four pills in the bottle I talked back to the technician and told her asked her what happened to the rest of the pills, that I need a 30 day supply what the prescription had written on there. She asked me did I have a prescription and I told her yes. I asked her to return my prescription to me and my money and that I was going somewhere else to have it filled. I am bringing this to your attention because if it is not looked into next there will be someone who will get the wrong medicine and that could lead to death. I fill the people up at the Walgreen in the pharmacy department are incompetent someone does not know how to read a prescription.

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  • Bi
      20th of Jun, 2010

    You sound like a frantic addict, it went from shortened pills to wrong medication. Say no to Lortabs!

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  • En
      4th of Apr, 2011

    How are you going to call them an addict? If the wrong pill count had been the posters fault, there is no way they would have given them the pills they were short. I swear that is what is wrong with this world, someone says pain medicine and wrong amount and people assume addict. Because it's too hard to imagine that the person in the pharmacy filly the "pain" meds is the actual addict and crook.

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  • Ma
      10th of Apr, 2011

    BioKim stop being a hater. I have gone to Walgreens and when i went tu use the medication when I needed it I saw the bottle and it was suppose to be 60 count but it looked like it was not the normal amount I usually get. When I counted it, they have given me 30 pills instead of 60. I payed money for 60 not 30 and i depend on that medication. They made me feel like I had done something wrong for their mistake. People's health are at stake here. If they acknowledge their mistake I would be fine with it but they made it seem like I took 30 out of the bottle and tried to scam them. You don't know the situation so stop attacking because it happens to a lot of people. From now on I count it before I leave.

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