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Wa Jul 7, 2015 Review updated:
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I was visiting in Florida where my elderly parents reside and need my assistance with daily activities. I was recently awarded SSD by the state of New York due to Systemic Lupus, depression, ADHD, and 3 back issues causing chronic pain. On July 7, 2015 at 9:30 am, I needed one valid prescription filled named Adderall 10mg provided by my NY Psychiatrist . I contacted my Health insurer to locate a pharmacy which carries the mentioned medication since I reside in New York. I pursued my health carriers advise by visiting a local pharmacy, Walgreens, located at 605 S Pinellas Avenue, Tarpon Springs, FL. The attending Pharmacist named "Two" (no last name) refused to filled the Adderall 10mg at first when she spotted the Klonopin and Xanax dispensed by Publix and said she decides a "Red Flag" due to the nature of the 3 medications as being Scheduled. I have had no marks on my long term medication record as being a prescription drug abuser. When she explored my prescription background in Florida, she discovered I filled Klonopin .5mg QID and Xanax, recently, designed at night for sleep issues due to the depression with the dosage of .5 mg TID at filled at Publix around 3 week prior. She questioned why I did not fill the Adderall at the Publix pharmacy along with the Adderall .My response to this verbally abusive Pharmacist, Two, was Publix DOES NOT CARRY Adderall and would not dispense my valid request. She continued by expressing, "She will not tolerate this re: 3 scheduled medication's together, formulated a conclusion that I some how was abusing these drugs by not filling all scripts in 1 pharmacy. I insisted Publix DID NOT and never will carry Adderall so I simply filled the 2 Benzo's at Publix and go elsewhere to fill my Adderall. She said she would contact my doctor for confirmation. I waited from 9:30 to 11:00 am, sitting there watching all customers being treated all so very respectful, quick service. At 11:00, I asked about the status of my pending script as my elderly parents were waiting to be picked up in New Port Richey on a very hot 90 degree day. (Mom is 82 and Dad is 88 with Alzheimer's) and the rude pharmacy tech stated, WE ARE WAITING FOR MY NY DOCTOR TO CONFIRM all 3 medications were valid. I left and picked up my parents and went back to pick up my ADDERALL at 2:30 (From start to finish, this took 5 hours)
My 1st complaint as follows:
1. As being a 58 y/o woman, I felt the entire staff, mostly the attending pharmacist, disrespected me by talking loud so other customers could hear indicating I had a drug problem that she does not "TOLERATE" this kind of prescribing indicating I was a drug seeker.
2. Upon pick up of my script at 2:30 pm and the approval from my Psychiatrist, the dispensing pharmacist repeated at least 5 times this is not tolerated, made me feel absolutely disrespected, ashamed, and down right angry.
I would like this formal complaint to be heard as defamation of character, accusatory of alleged drug abuse. I firmly believe I was pick out, disgraced and had an extremely poor experience with this Pharmacist. I will further this complaint by requesting her dismissal from Walgreens located in Tarpon Springs. Lastly, I do also believe Walgreens is the absolute worst pharmacy in the USA..

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      8th of Jul, 2015

    The pharmacist is just following procedure by confirming the validity of the prescription with the doctor.

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