On 11/17/2018, I was trying to fill a prescription again for the 4th time using a coupon that would save me $30.00. I explained to the tech that if the coupon didn't go through this time, don't worry about it. Well she along with the pharmacist figured out what the problem was and what everybody else had been doing wrong and I was finally able to use my coupon. This is not a complaint.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Baker, LA I just wanted to let you all know that Christina (the pharmacist) and the tech by the name of Assatta went above and beyond and I just wanted them to know just how much I appreciate their time and effort. One of your techs on one occasion listened and didn't even try to use the coupon, just told me that it was nothing she could do for me. I believe her name was Brenda, an older lady. But big thank you to Christina and Assatta for helping me to solve this problem.

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